It Seems Like We’re Always Buying Waverunner Oil During the Summer

domo online blog 4 7-14-14Since my brother and uncle both own a couple of WaveRunners, it seems like every weekend I’m heading out to the lake with one or the other of them. We will usually drive the WaveRunners around the lake for a good chunk of the day, which means using most of the gas and oil mixture that is in each personal watercraft every time we go out on the lake. It is always a lot of fun.

It seems like every single time I go out on the lake we have to get some WaveRunner oil so that we can mix it with the gasoline. I have been glad that we can often find this oil in bulk online, because buying a container at a time from a local automotive store is very expensive. We couldn’t afford to go out on the lake much without the discount we get buying online.

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