Buying Yamalube 2W Oil on the Fourth of July

domo online blog 5 6-30-14In celebration of Independence Day, my brother and I took his WaveRunners out on the lake by our house. When I got there this morning, I fully expected that the boats would be fueled and ready to go. I discovered that my brother was actually running quite late and hadn’t had time to fill the WaveRunners up with gasoline and oil so they could go out on the lake.

We ended up having to find an open store that sold Yamalube 2W oil because my brother discovered that he didn’t have any left in his shed. It was quite the adventure, but we finally managed to find some that we could buy. We filled the boats up and took them out onto the already crowded lake. We had a fun time racing around in the water even though the lake was crowded.

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