Taking Some Mercury 2 Cycle Oil Out to the Lake with Me

domo online blog 3 7-21-14Most of the time, I prefer to prepare my boat for launch long before I get it to the edge of the water. This is mostly because the process of mixing oil and gasoline for my two cycle outboard motor is a process I’d rather do away from the water. I don’t want to be contaminating a lake that I am going to fish in if any of the oil or gasoline drips while I am getting my boat ready.

Last weekend, I ended up having to add the oil next to the lake because I had to pick up some extra Mercury 2 cycle oil on the way to the lake. I discovered that I didn’t have enough oil shortly before leaving the house and the only way to meet up with my friends on time, was to pick up the oil on the way. Luckily, I was able to be very careful and not spill a single drop of motor oil.

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