A Boat Shed Filled with Yamalube 2M Oil Just in Case

domo online blog 5 7-21-14Since my father prefers to buy in bulk and online, he usually has things that he needs long before he is actually going to need them. For example, he has a shed that is stocked with screws, rope, and oil that might be needed on his boat at some point. Of course, since that point isn’t now, his shed just ends up cluttered up with all of these items until he ends up needing them.

Right now, the shed has a lot of Yamalube 2M oil, because my father bought a lot of it in case he might need it in the near future. So far he has used some of the oil of course, but unless he uses his boat a lot more frequently, he has enough oil to last him for a couple of years for sure. My father doesn’t mind because it saves him the trouble of buying it more regularly.

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