Spotlight on Best Boats for Freshwater Fishing ~ Part 2

If you prefer to fish with more than two or three of your buddies, you may be interested in a bowrider boat. This marine model can comfortably hold between six and ten people, which makes it a very popular style for people who like to travel in large groups. Another boat that satisfies the need for ample deck space is the center console boat. This vessel is designed so that all of the boat controls are located in the very center of the boat to grant extra deck space for fishing and other activities.

Deck boats, hence the name, are another vessel that provide generous deck space to hold multiple people, fishermen or water-sport accessories. Dually matched with a powerful engine, these boats are great for water sports and recreational fishing.

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Spotlight on Best Boats for Freshwater Fishing ~ Part 1

When it comes time to buy a new boat, the first thing you want to determine is what kind of activities prompted you to purchase a vessel in the first place. If you conclude that you seek a marine companion for freshwater fishing and other activities on the lake, then at least you’ve narrowed down your selection to freshwater fishing boats. Now, from here you will need to choose the best boat of this genre to meet your boating needs.

A safe pick would be the all-purpose fishing boat, which may be used in both saltwater and freshwater settings, because it’s versatile in terms of fishing, entertainment and water sports. On the opposite end of this spectrum would be the bass fishing boat, which is often used for tournament fishing as it features powerful motors as well as an ample deck and storage room for two or three onboard anglers.

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The Nation’s Biggest & Best Boat Shows ~ Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

Creators of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show are excited to celebrate their 52nd annual boat show October 27-31, 2011. Commonly referred to as the Yachting Capital of the World, Fort Lauderdale is home to hundreds, if not thousands, of happy yacht owners and enthusiasts. This boat show accommodates such a distinctive boating audience by hosting yacht builders and designers from around the world to display their expertise and products.

As the nation’s largest boat show, the event covers 3 million square feet of space over 5 locations. And for easy transport from location to location, the event provides all forms of transportation: bus shuttles, water taxis and riverboats. Scuba enthusiasts should be sure not to miss the event’s Blue Wild Dive Show. To learn more about the many features of this event, visit

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The Nation’s Biggest & Best Boat Shows ~ Suncoast Boat Show

The Suncoast Boat Show will be celebrating its 29th annual boat show April 15-17, 2011. The event will take place on the sunny shores of Sarasota, Florida at marina plaza 2. This spectacular will feature hundreds of premium boats on display from local boat dealers of the Gulf coast. After all, there’s no better place to shop for that new boat you’ve always wanted than a boat show. What a selection!

The boat show will also feature a magnificent array of top-of-the-line marine electronics and outboard motors that are compatible with Yamalube 2W oil. Save time at the entry gate buy purchasing your ticket online today at Bring your wife, your kids, your neighbor and all your friends. This boat show was designed to please boat lovers of all ages and backgrounds.

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The Nation’s Biggest & Best Boat Shows ~ Palm Beach International Boat Show

The Palm Beach International Boat Show is just around the corner. This celebrated event is set to take place March 24-27, 2011 and will be the 26th annual celebration of its kind. Boaters from all over the Florida region will be happy to discover the event’s outstanding lineup of activities for participants of all ages.

Guests may choose from activities like free fishing clinics for kids, which covers the basics of casting a rod and using a reel as well as selecting tackle and lures, fishing ethics and how to fish. There are seminars for boaters who enjoy sport fishing led by some of the area’s best captains and professional anglers. New information about the event is still being added to their website,, so check it out to learn more.

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The Nation’s Biggest & Best Boat Shows ~ Seattle Boat Show

The Seattle Boat Show is a much anticipated, nautical celebration that occurs each year to display the best new boats on the market as well as the essential accessories that go hand-in-hand with these vessels. The boat show invites Washington locals and other boating enthusiasts of the Pacific Northwest to explore the best in boating that year. This year the event ran from January 21 – 30.

At this year’s event there were more than 200 seminars that varied in nautical theme like boating seminars, fishing seminars, boat education training and Boat Show University, a newer aspect of the seminars that covers topics like diesel engine repair and electric troubleshooting. There are always a number of fun family contests that encourage group participation like Crack the Code, which has a fishing boat as the grand prize. Learn more about next year’s event at

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The Nation’s Biggest & Best Boat Shows ~ Miami International Boat Show

The Miami International Boat Show is a spectacular nautical event that happens once a year in the southern-most region of Florida, the sunshine state. This annual event usually takes place in February (it ran from Feb. 17-21 this year and is set to take place Feb. 16-20 for 2012) and extends for 4-5 days with multiple activities and events set out for each day.

Some highlights from this year’s boat show include an appearance by Russell Newberry, the deck boss and star of the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch.” Guests were also invited to visit the Discover Boat Resource Center where you could get involved in an educational hands-on series that demonstrates how to train for on-the-water experiences. Plus, this year the convention debuted a new feature, the Dive & Travel Harbor, which allows guests to learn how to scuba dive and sample some of the best dive gear on the market. Check out to learn more about next year’s event.

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Top 10 Ferry Boat Rides Worldwide ~ Scotland

Onboard the CalMac Ferries (short for Caledonian MacBrayne) an assorted variety of exciting activities and accommodations await you. Not only are these ships proud to offer mighty vessels of the sea, but the luxury that’s available onboard is just as coveted as the amazing list of things to do at each port.

From first-class dining options to sleek and cozy lounges, each ship was designed to deliver the utmost quality and comfort for guests. Passengers will also be excited to discover an assortment of onboard shops, arcade games and bars like The Still, which delivers a taste of Scotland with locale ale and malt whiskey available onboard. With voyages from 5 minutes to five hours, passengers will be taken care of no matter the duration of their time onboard.

I’m sure Scotland uses nothing but the best – Evinrude XD 50 oil – to deliver reliable satisfaction to their passengers!

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Top 10 Ferry Boat Rides Worldwide ~ Norway

Founded in 1982, Fjord Tours offer various packages of ultra-exclusive tours throughout Norway on both the Norwegian and international market. The Norway in a nutshell tour puts an emphasis on the natural beauty of the surrounding area – the beautiful Fjord scenery. When exploring this area by ferry, you have the option of participating in a wonderful variety of excursions and activities.

Maybe it’s a kayaking trip in Flam or a close-range safari full of culture and history you crave. With dozens of extras to choose from, adventure and enjoyment are guaranteed with purchase when you call upon the Fjord Tours as your guide. You’re invited to explore exotic destinations like Alesund, Stavanger and Oslo – the capital of Norway – in a number of ways.

With dedication to the satisfaction of their passengers, I bet the Fjord Tours company relies on the premium power of Yamalube 2Woil!

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Top 10 Ferry Boat Rides Worldwide ~ Alaska

The Alaska Marine Highway System debuted in 1963 with regularly scheduled service for passengers and vehicles that catered to 31 nearby communities in Alaska as well as Bellingham, Washington and Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Currently, the marine fleet consists of 11 vessels, although, the AMHS plans to introduce additional ferries in the future.

On average, the Alaska Marine Highway System transports 400,000 passengers and 100,000 vehicles each year. The company’s mission is as follows: “To provide safe, reliable and efficient transportation of people, goods and vehicles among Alaska communities, Canada and the Lower 48.” For an area with habitually frosty weather to witness such success with their ferry system is quite an accomplishment.

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Top 10 Ferry Boat Rides Worldwide ~ Greek Islands

The Paleologos Shipping Agency was established in 1946 in Heraklion, Crete. It didn’t take long for the popularity of the company to become widespread earning the reputation of one of the biggest and more responsible shipping agencies on the island. The business is dedicated to ensuring the best service to a wide spectrum of marine needs and therefore offers a wide array of services.

Some of the services provided by the Paleologos Shipping Agency include coast liner agents, cruise boat agents, Mediterranean line agents, forwarding agents, bunkering supply, yacht serving and off-shore assistance. In 1980 the company organized a travel department which offers the following services: cruises, yachts, excursions, boat tickets and a variety of on-land travel necessities.

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