Top 12 Most High-Tech & Luxurious Yachts of the World ~ Atmosphere

Constructed by Perini Navi, Atmosphere offer 174 feet of divine luxury and can be rented by the week for a mere $210,000. Just kidding; while the rental price is accurate the cost can be described as anything but minor. However, if you have this kind of money to spare I would consider climbing aboard for an elite at-sea vacation.

The Atmosphere may accommodate up to 14 guests and can transform from a first-rate family destination into a well-equipped business center to satisfy both leisurely pleasures and business needs. Another unique feature of this vessel is the Turkish bath it offers in addition to a Jacuzzi pool, a sauna and a main salon. And, of course, the ship is satellite-ready to power conference calls, the internet and they typical TV, DVD and stereo system.

I can only imagine that a ship of this magnitude relies on the clean power of Yamalube 2M oil!

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