Top 10 Ferry Boat Rides Worldwide ~ Norway

Founded in 1982, Fjord Tours offer various packages of ultra-exclusive tours throughout Norway on both the Norwegian and international market. The Norway in a nutshell tour puts an emphasis on the natural beauty of the surrounding area – the beautiful Fjord scenery. When exploring this area by ferry, you have the option of participating in a wonderful variety of excursions and activities.

Maybe it’s a kayaking trip in Flam or a close-range safari full of culture and history you crave. With dozens of extras to choose from, adventure and enjoyment are guaranteed with purchase when you call upon the Fjord Tours as your guide. You’re invited to explore exotic destinations like Alesund, Stavanger and Oslo – the capital of Norway – in a number of ways.

With dedication to the satisfaction of their passengers, I bet the Fjord Tours company relies on the premium power of Yamalube 2Woil!

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