Beginners Guide to Outboard Motors Part 1

Maximizing your mobility and getting the most out of your boating experience should be everyone’s goal. The problem is how do you get there? It’s not like anyone decides they’re going to dislike their time on the water, it’s just that so many people don’t know how to get the most out of it. Stick steering for your outboard motor is one affordable strategy you can use to make your boating experience more fun than ever before.

By eliminating the need to sit directly in front of the motor as you steer, stick steering allows you to change the motor’s position from a distance. That means that you can now steer the boat from the front of the craft, the way it’s supposed to be done. When the stick is moved a drum is rotated and the motor shifts its position accordingly. They’re relatively easy to install and can be purchased for under $500. Without having to fork over the cash for an independent steering system this is a great way to get more from your outboard motor.

And for Evinrude owners, stock up on Evinrude XD100 oil and make your motor last.

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Beginners Guide to Outboard Motors

This week we’ll be taking a good long look at one of our specialties. The outboard motor is an integral part of your boat and your boating experience. That’s why it’s helpful for you to learn as much as you can about how it works, how to care for it and how to use it properly to ensure a long life of dependable service. If you’ve just bought your first boat or you’re a seasoned waterman there’s bound to be something in our comprehensive guide that you’ll find useful.

Since we’ve done the research for you, you can save yourself the time and effort required to learn as much about outboard motors as possible in the shortest amount of time. When you’re just starting out it can be very confusing and often frustrating to try to find the right topics to research. And when you can’t find the topics how are you supposed to research them? The short answer is you can’t. Or, at least you can’t do it in a reasonable amount of time. For example, the amount of time you have between now and when you’re planning your next trip on the water. Stay tuned this week for some great tips and articles on outboard motors.

And don’t forget to take the best care possible of your Evinrude outboard motor with premium-quality Evinrude XD50 oil.

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Great Gifts for Boaters This Holiday Season: Part 5

This installment of gifts for boaters covers a unique gift you might not have considered. Personalized apparel and accessories can make being on the water more fun than ever. Indulging in the enjoyment of our time on the water is a great way to make the boating experience better for the seasoned boater, their family and their friends. With unique personalized gear and apparel you can make your guests feel like a part of the team or even part of the family the next time you head out.

Whether it’s the name of your boat or the company logo, this is a great way to impress your guests and friends. And because it’s unique you can count on the boater in your life to truly appreciate it. It’s a gift that really does keep on giving and lets them know you care. So next time they’re on the water you know they’ll be thinking of you and appreciating a thoughtful gift that’s sure to surprise.

Also check out Evinrude XD50 oil for premium-quality 2-cycle engine oil.

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Great Gifts for Boaters This Holiday Season: Part 4

When the warmer months finally arrive it will be time to head out on the water. After having abstained for the entire winter I’ll be waiting anxiously to head out for the first time. And each time I head out I’ll probably stay out a little longer than usual. In fact, if you’re like most boaters I know, you won’t wait until it’s actually “warm.” It only has to be a little bit “warmer.” However, going out in the early months of the year can leave us facing extended periods of darkness and even less-than-ideal weather and visibility conditions.

If you plan on being out during the twilight hours, or even when it’s dark, then quality marine lighting is a true necessity. Whether it’s the early morning hours or late into the night, you don’t want to be caught on the water without the proper safety precautions. In addition to illuminating your surroundings marine lighting serves a host of versatile functions. It can help you see in dense mist or fog and makes you more visible to other boaters in low visibility conditions. Lighting makes an affordable gift that no boater should ever be without.

If your boater enjoys their 2-cycle engine then help them keep it running affordably with Yamalube 2W oil.

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Great Gifts for Boaters This Holiday Season: Part 3

Our next installment in gifts for boaters is something no modern boater should be without. We’re all familiar with those fancy GPS systems we have for our cars. They call out directions, display an interactive map and some can even keep up-to-date with construction areas and road closures. So, why should you go without one when you’re on the water? Just because there aren’t any road signs, traffic lights or huge intersections doesn’t mean you can’t end up heading in the wrong direction.

Marine GPS products offer a variety of versatile functions and features. From being designed specifically for being on the water to having interactive features for fishing and more, no boating enthusiast should be without one of these nifty gadgets. Some even provide sonar for illustrating depth contours and fish targets! Whether it’s for use on fresh water of off shore, the marine GPS unit is a must-have. And for the Yamaha owner check out a lasting supply of Yamalube 2M oil.

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Great Gifts for Boaters This Holiday Season: Part 2

If you’re shopping for an avid boater and you’re not familiar with the requirements of being on the water then gift giving can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be. For any on-the-water enthusiast a versatile, top-quality captain’s bag can make a huge difference. Whether it’s for keeping food or other essentials, a captain’s bag is a versatile addition to any boater’s repertoire. And the best part is, they’re affordable.

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to make this year’s boating better than the last. With the multitude of pockets most captain’s bags provide there’s always room for just one more thing. From first aid kits to an electronic fish finder or your GPS, there’s enough room for everything you’ll need on the water. Keep your cell phone, keys and wallets safe and dry, or tote your lures and fishing gear in style.

Don’t forget a complete supply of Evinrude XD50 oil for the gift a healthier engine.

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Great Gifts for Boaters This Holiday Season: Part 1

The holidays are here and that means it’s time to start getting our holiday shopping out of the way. If you’re anything like me then you have a long list of folks to shop for andd you’re probably not looking forward to it. Fighting traffic, navigating throngs of people and standing in long linnes are only a few of the joys of the holiday season. Thankfully, though, we’re able to shop online for almost anything we could ever want or need.

Holiday gift shopping is no exception. So for the rest of this week we’ll be talking about the best in gadgets and gifts for the boating enthusiast in your life. With the number of high-tech gadgets available, and the age-old staples of every boater’s life, it can be tough to decide what to get for gifts. From the boater who has everything to the beginning boater our gift buying guide will help you become a gifting superstar this holiday season. And be sure to check out Evinrude XD100 oil for the 2-cycle engine owner in your life.

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Spring Checklist Item 4

Our last tip of the week is a doozy, and something no one should ever forget to do whenever heading out on the water. Safety is of primary importance, both for you and your friends and loved ones but also for other boaters. It goes without saying that you should be sure to have functional life jackets for all potential passengers. Make sure they’re in good condition and functioning properly.

You also need to make sure everyone has the correct size, as this can be critical to the proper functioning of a life jacket. And don’t forget to make sure all onboard fire extinguishers have been properly checked and serviced and stored in the proper places. You can also take advantage of free safety inspections offered by the US Coast Guard.

And don’t forget to try Evinrude XD100 oil for your 2-cycle engine.

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Spring Checklist Item 3

Our next item on the checklist is something we should probably be doing everytime wwe take the boat out, but sometimes we all forget. Fluids, props and hulls need to be checked thoroughly before heading out on the water this spring. It’s easy to check fluid levels like oil, steering, power trim reservoirs and coolant. And if you didn’t change your oil prior to winterizing you’ll want to change it before heading out. Many Yamaha 2 cycle engines run better and more efficiently with Yamalube 2W oil, for example.

Propellers and hulls should be checked for nicks and dings that may be unsafe or cause the motor to operate at less than optimum efficiency. You’ll also want to ensure the prop is seated securely. When inspecting the hull keep an eye out for any cracking or blistering that may indicate a larger problem. A little preparedness goes a long way when getting ready for the next boating season.

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Spring Checklist Item 2

One thing which is notorious for failing during the colder winter months is the electrical system. Whether it’s the battery or the wiring you can bet you will need to check this system thoroughly before heading out onto the water this coming spring. You can start by inspecting all electrical connections for corrosion or other debris. A good practice is to remove all terminals and clean them thoroughly with a wire brush to remove any remnants from the previous season.

When it comes to your battery, make sure you charge it completely and have it tested. You’ll want to have it tested so you can be sure it will hold a charge. There’s nothing like a dead battery to ruin a day on the water. Yamaha owners should also check into Yamalube 2M oil for top performance in the coming months.

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