Guide to Smooth Anchoring Part 2

Choosing an anchor is the first step in getting the most out of your boating experience. There are three main types of anchors to choose from; the plow, the danforth or fluke and the mushroom anchor. Mushroom anchors simply don’t have the staying power of the other two and are recommended for small craft in light conditions. Trying to figure out which one best suits you, however, will begin with analyzing your boating habits. You have to ask the important question “How will I use this anchor,” in order to make the right decision.

Some people claim otherwise but there is no single anchor that is best in all conditions. The size of one’s boat is not the only thing that matters when considering anchoring. Differing marine conditions also have a tremendous effect on your vessel. Even a small boat can require a larger anchor if the conditions are severe enough to warrant it. A good place to start would be a local marine supply store where they’d be well-equipped to understand the particular conditions in your area. But when it comes time to buy some oil you can save a bundle when you buy Yamalube 2W oil in bulk.

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