Yamalube 2W is Specially Formulated Oil

domo-online blog 5 11-09-15When my cousin started to look at the different types of Yamalube oil, he was really confused about what the different types of oil were for. He hadn’t owned a WaveRunner for very long, but was sure that he needed to have a special type of oil for the boat. His friend had told him that Yamaha made the right type of oil, but he didn’t know which one it was.

He was able to do some research online to learn a lot more about the types of oil that were available. He learned that there were many types of oil that were made for outboard motors that would be on the back of large boats. If he wanted oil for his WaveRunner, he would have to buy Yamalube 2W since this was specialized for his particular type of engine.

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Waverunner Oil is Specially Formulated for This Type of Engine

domo-online blog 4 10-26-15I didn’t know much about Waverunners when a friend of mine sold me his. I had gone out on the Waverunner before, but I had never been responsible for launching it and taking care of it so I didn’t know much about this aspect of Waverunner ownership. Luckily, my friend was around to teach me what types of things I needed to know.

I was taught about cleaning a Waverunner to make it so that it would look nice and be presentable when I took it out on the water. My friend also taught me about how to keep the inside of the Waverunner running smoothly with proper Waverunner oil and maintenance. I feel good about owning this new Waverunner.

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Yamaha 2W Oil is Specialized to Run in WaveRunners and Similar Watercraft

domo-online blog 2 10-05-15When I first bought my WaveRunner, I was very careful about making sure that it was able to get all of the best maintenance. I knew that it ran with a two stroke engine, but I wasn’t entirely sure that it was okay for me to run it with any kind of two stroke oil that I found in the store. I had to do a bit more research before taking it out.

After looking up the information online, I discovered that I was right in thinking that these engines might do better with an oil that was specialized to run just in this type of engine. I was able to start using Yamaha 2W oil in my WaveRunner to make sure that it ran perfectly. I am glad that I did the research before putting any oil in the boat.

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Waverunner Oil for the Motorcycles of the Sea

Domo-Online 8-24-2015 Pic 3Waverunners are effectively the motorcycles of the sea and they can be an enormous amount of fun. Of course, just as with any other type of vehicle, you have to make sure that you’ve got everything that you’ll need for a Waverunner’s maintenance if you wind up deciding to purchase one for yourself.

Upon my purchase of a Waverunner, I made sure that I also got plenty of Waverunner oil that would be usable for maintenance. This way, I can ensure that my Waverunner is always running to the best of its ability. You should always do your best to get the best performance from any vehicle you have.

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Taking My Waverunner out Thanks to Waverunner Oil

Domo-Online 6-29-2015 Pic 2The Waverunner is effectively the motorcycle of the sea, so as a motorcycle and boating enthusiast, it seemed really appealing to me to get myself a Waverunner. I have to say that it was totally worth it. I love being able to take my Waverunner out; it’s such an adrenaline-charged experience and I enjoy every minute of it.

To ensure that my Waverunner is always running the best that it can, I make sure to do regular maintenance on it. In order to do that properly, I’ve loaded up on plenty of Waverunner oil. This way, I can ensure that my Waverunner continues to be in peak condition so that I can keep taking it out.

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Using Lots of Waverunner Oil This Summer

Domo-Online 5-4-2015 Pic 4Summer is on the horizon and there’s nothing I could be more excited for. The weather is already starting to change as we move from April to May and I find it difficult to sit in my office, knowing that there’s such beautiful weather outside. I want to make sure that I make the most of every second I get to spend outdoors.

In particular, I’m really looking forward to being able to ride around on my new Waverunner. I’ve picked up plenty of Waverunner oil and everything else that I need to take care of my Waverunner, because I find it extremely likely that I’m going to be using it quite a bit this summer.

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Keeping a Decent Stock of Waverunner Oil

Domo-Online 3-3-2015 Pic 5Riding around on a Waverunner can be a ton of fun. It’s something that I would simply have to recommend to anyone who’s never tried it before. Of course, if you own a Waverunner, you have to make sure that you’re taking proper care of it, just like you would if you owned a boat.

That means that you have to load up on everything that you might need for the maintenance of your Waverunner. In particular, I keep a decent stock of Waverunner oil, so that I never have to worry about going out and getting more of it when I want to perform maintenance on my Waverunner.

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Waverunner Oil and Other Stuff You Need for a Waverunner

Domo-Online 1-19-2015 Pic 4Though I’ve had a boat for quite a while now, I had never considered also getting a Waverunner until a friend of mine let me ride around on his. I found the experience to be extremely satisfying and rather exhilarating.  That’s the reason that I decided to purchase my own, which also meant that I had to load up on Waverunner oil and get all of the other supplies and accessories that are necessary once you purchase your own Waverunner. It was lucky that I had my friend to guide me towards the right items to purchase.

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Sucking Up Weeds Isn’t Your Only Problem: Choosing the Right Waverunner Oil

domo-online blog 4 11-10-14I grew up on a large river in Western Massachusetts. My summers were spent on the water, either in a boat or a jet ski, racing around and making trouble, enjoying the wind in my hair and splash of cold water against my face. That was how I usually enjoyed it, however, unless my Waverunner sucked up a bunch of weeds again and sputtered and died.

And that wasn’t the only problem I ever had. I also had an issue with using the cheapest 2-cycle oil I could find instead of the correct Waverunner oil. This, I learned, presented several problems and I believe resulted in the failure of the engine after just a few years in use. The machine never seemed to run clean, clogged by weeds or not. I definitely learned the hard way, now that my jet ski is out of order, the importance of buying good oil to run your machines.

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We Need Far Less Yamaha 2W Oil in the Fall

domo online blog 4 9-29-14During the summer, my brother and I frequently take his WaveRunners out on the lake that is near his house. We absolutely love to ride them around in the warm weather feeling the cool water splashing on our arms and faces. During the summer, riding in a personal watercraft where you actually get pretty wet is enjoyable because of the warm weather.

During the Fall we take the WaveRunners out far less often. It is too cold to really make the splash from the water enjoyable. We spend more of our time out on the lake in our fishing boats than we do in the smaller watercraft. The plus side of this is that we can really cut back on our consumption of Yamaha 2W oil since we take the WaveRunners out only on the nicest days.

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Renting WaveRunners on Vacation Means Not Worrying About Buying WaveRunner Oil

domo online blog 4 9-16-14My brother and I have always enjoyed taking a couple of WaveRunners out on the water to race around and enjoy the outdoors. It was only natural that when we went on vacation with each other this summer we rent a couple of WaveRunners to race around the reef out in the warm tropical bay near to Hawaii. We got the boats from a place right on the beach near our hotel.

It was really fun racing the boats around in the sparkling blue water and enjoying the warm Hawaiian sun beating down on us the entire time. It was bizarre for us to have the boat rental company being the one worrying about gasoline use and WaveRunner oil for these machines. At the same time it was a really nice break from having to do maintenance before taking out the boats.

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Calculating Yamalube 2W Oil Usage

domo online blog 4 9-02-14As the end of the boating season gets closer and a chill falls over the air that wasn’t there in the summer, I am preparing for a couple more trips out in the Waverunners for the fall. I have started sitting down to see how much oil I’ll need for the last couple of trips out on the boats this month. Since the boats are pretty small, I know I don’t want to take them out too late in the year.

I have determined that the supply of oil that I have right now will probably be enough to tide me over until next spring. I don’t like storing a lot of Yamalube 2W oil during the winter months, so I try to stop buying oil soon enough that there won’t be a lot of it cluttering my shed. This also makes it so I always have fresher oil when I buy a new supply to use in the spring next year.

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