Yamaha 2W Oil Keeps Tourists Buzzing Around on WaveRunners

dom-online blog 1 2-01-16When I moved down to Florida, I was planning to start my own business. I hadn’t really decided what I would be doing, but I wanted to do something that would put me close to the beaches and close to the boats that I loved to play around with. I decided that I would start a boat rental service that would rent out personal watercraft like WaveRunners.

To get my business started, I of course needed to buy these WaveRunners and a great deal of equipment to make sure that I could keep them maintained and ready for people to ride at any point. I had some tools to work on their motors and of course plenty of Yamaha 2W oil to keep the motors running well. I feel great knowing that I am providing tourists with reliable crafts to adventure in.

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