Stocking Up On Yamalube 2W for Some Borrowed WaveRunners

domo online blog 4 8-11-14Since my brother is going to be on vacation for the next few weeks, I asked him if I could borrow his WaveRunners while he was gone. While he wasn’t excited about the idea of me running the boats without him there, he agreed that I could borrow them as long as I was careful to take good care of them. Since I’ve watched him take care of them for years I know exactly what to do.

I have already stocked up on some Yamalube 2W oil so that I can run these boats safely without messing up the engines. I went and picked up the boats yesterday since my brother is leaving today. When I went over there, he told me a lot of things that I already knew about taking care of the boats. Finally, he seemed comfortable with having me take them away.

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Moving Aside the Yamaha 2w Oil to Get Out Waterskiing Equipment

domo online blog 4 7-28-14For the past several weeks, my main focus has been enjoying the lake with a couple of friends and some personal watercrafts. Last weekend, we decided that we had enjoyed a lot of time on these boats and we should try something else for a little bit. Since one of my friends has a speed boat, we decided to go water skiing and enjoy the lake in a new way.

I was able to put away the bottle of Yamaha 2W oil that we’d been using with the personal watercrafts when I got out the water skiing equipment that I purchased last year but never really used. My friends and I enjoyed a wonderful summer afternoon experimenting with the equipment and generally enjoying ourselves. Perhaps, we’ll go back to the WaveRunners again in a couple of weeks.

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It Seems Like We’re Always Buying Waverunner Oil During the Summer

domo online blog 4 7-14-14Since my brother and uncle both own a couple of WaveRunners, it seems like every weekend I’m heading out to the lake with one or the other of them. We will usually drive the WaveRunners around the lake for a good chunk of the day, which means using most of the gas and oil mixture that is in each personal watercraft every time we go out on the lake. It is always a lot of fun.

It seems like every single time I go out on the lake we have to get some WaveRunner oil so that we can mix it with the gasoline. I have been glad that we can often find this oil in bulk online, because buying a container at a time from a local automotive store is very expensive. We couldn’t afford to go out on the lake much without the discount we get buying online.

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Buying Yamalube 2W Oil on the Fourth of July

domo online blog 5 6-30-14In celebration of Independence Day, my brother and I took his WaveRunners out on the lake by our house. When I got there this morning, I fully expected that the boats would be fueled and ready to go. I discovered that my brother was actually running quite late and hadn’t had time to fill the WaveRunners up with gasoline and oil so they could go out on the lake.

We ended up having to find an open store that sold Yamalube 2W oil because my brother discovered that he didn’t have any left in his shed. It was quite the adventure, but we finally managed to find some that we could buy. We filled the boats up and took them out onto the already crowded lake. We had a fun time racing around in the water even though the lake was crowded.

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Yamalube 2W in Bulk for a WaveRunner Rental

domo online blog 4 6-9-14One of my uncle’s friends runs a boat rental place down on the coast in California. During the winter, he stays focused on boat maintenance and relaxation. During this time of the year, he is already busy renting out boats each day and making sure to teach vacationers how to use them. One especially nice days, he sometimes even runs out of boats for people to rent.

He recently added a group of WaveRunners to his collection of boats to rent out. When he first got these boats he also invested in Yamalube 2W in bulk so that the boats would always have the oil that they needed to stay running. My uncle’s friend always takes great care of his boats because he wants them to last as long as possible so people can rent them for seasons to come.

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A Rush for WaveRunner Oil on a Surprisingly Sunny Day

domo online blog 4 5-19-14Since last weekend was sunny even when all weather reports had claimed there would only be rain and thunderstorms, I wasn’t surprised when my buddy called me to say that he wanted to take out his WaveRunners. Of course, I was a little more surprised when he said he still hadn’t finished the maintenance on them and was in desperate need of some oil.

Luckily, I happened to have some WaveRunner oil in my shed that was left over from last year. I hurried over to his house with the oil and between the two of us we had both of his WaveRunners ready to go in less than an hour. My reward was a wonderful day spent zipping through the water aboard a WaveRunner, which was the perfect way to stay cool on a surprise sunny day.

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Learning a Little about Yamalube 2W Oil and WaveRunners

domo online blog 5 5-5-14One of my cousins recently bought himself a used WaveRunner from someone who he knows from school. He didn’t really know anything about the boat, but he has wanted a personal watercraft for a long time, so it surprised no one that he was so quick to jump on a good deal. So far, his father has been teaching him everything that he has to know about owning a WaveRunner.

My cousin knows how to operate one of these boats and has spent many summers taking out his father’s boat. Now that he has one of his own he is learning about using Yamalube 2W oil and the maintenance that is required for one of these boats. He hasn’t been enjoying the technical side of owning a boat so much, but he has enjoyed racing around on a WaveRunner of his own.

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Yamalube 2W and WaveRunners Make for a Perfect Day at the Lake

domo online blog 5 4-7-14My uncle finally found the perfect day to take his WaveRunners out for the first time this season. On one of the sunnier afternoons this week, he towed his boats down to the dock to get them running around the lake. It wasn’t exactly warm since it is spring, but it was at least not freezing cold like it has been so far this year.

My aunt and uncle enjoyed an afternoon of racing around the lake. They had a lot of fun playing around on an almost entirely empty lake, since there were only a few other people who were willing to risk the weather. He says that that day alone was worth all of the preparation and Yamalube 2W that he has put into the WaveRunners.

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Finding WaveRunner Oil for a New WaveRunner

domo online blog 3 3-17-14I plan on getting a WaveRunner for this summer. I will probably be buying a used one rather than trying to get my hands on one that is brand new, since that is somewhat expensive. My only concern with having a used one is that the maintenance on it may not have been done properly in the past. I will want to drain all of the gas and oil to start at least somewhat fresh.

I know that you can technically use any one of many different oils in a WaveRunner, but I would rather use Yamaha oil that is specifically engineered for use in WaveRunners. I just think that having oil that is actually made for the item that you are using is always better than choosing oil that will work, but isn’t designed to be used specifically with the engine.

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Switching to Yamaha 2w Oil

domo online blog 5 1-27-14When Yamaha originally released its 2w oil, it was advertised as just being for WaveRunners that had catalytic converters. Overtime, they discovered that this type of motor oil was the best for all WaveRunners. They started to recommend this type of oil for all WaveRunners over their 2s and 2m options, because of its ability to better protect these engines.

My uncle always used to use their 2s oils in his WaveRunners. When he saw the Yamaha 2w oil, he was initially skeptical. Eventually, he decided that he was just going to have to try it for himself. He found no problems after he completely drained the oil from the boats and refilled them with the 2w oil. He liked the way that the new oil produced less smoke as it burned.

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Replacing WaveRunner Oil

domo online blog 3 1-13-14At the beginning of each summer, my uncle stocks up on oil for his WaveRunner personal watercraft. When he first got them, he had to ask one of his friends what type of oil to you and how often to change it.  While my uncle understands a car engine very well, he is less sure when it comes to the engines that are on these little boats. After his friend was able to compose himself from laughing at him, he explained that they had two cycle engines and you don’t have to change the oil, just refill it.  The oil is consumed in the combustion process.  Keep it full and you are good to go.

These engines require specific WaveRunner oil that is designed for these two-cycle use. If you use any other type of oil, you will more than likely ruin the engine and void your warranty.

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Trying to Find WaveRunner Oil

WaveRunner oilAfter a few years of going to our lake house every summer that we all shared payments on, I talked to my sisters about getting a WaveRunner. It never seemed like a worthy investment of our money but now that we were hanging out on a lake every year and we had already paid off the other expenses of the house, it seemed like a good time to buy one.
We decided to get two and all chip in equally. Between four of us, it was really affordable. To break in the new water vehicles, we all took a week vacation with each other (first time since we bought the house!). Using the vehicles was pretty easy but we felt pretty dumb when we didn’t know where to get WaveRunner oil and had to call my husband (it was the store two blocks away; go figure).  Now we buy it online and have it shipped to the lake house.  It’s much easier that way!

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