There’s No Time Spent Off the Dock Without the Right Outboard Motor Oil

boat motorMy first boat was the one that I learned boat ownership on. At the time, I wasn’t terrible responsible, so it was no surprise that I soon was having problems with the motor. I had been using low quality oil in it on a regular basis and it seems that the motor finally started having trouble with debris as a result of this. At the time, I blamed it on other things, but I know it was my fault.

Luckily, after that first engine went down because of the oil that I had been using in it, I learned my lesson. Although I denied at first that it was my fault, my next motor was one that had a much better standard of care than the first one that I had. With the new one, I made sure to use the right kind of outboard motor oil on a regular basis.

I was really happy to be able to find such good oil to use in the boat since the new motor really showed the difference. With great oil in the engine, it would run more smoothly and more consistently than my boat ever had in the past. I never take my boat off the dock now without using the right outboard oil in it beforehand.

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