Outboard Motor Oil is the Life Blood of an Outboard Engine

outboard motorsWhen people talk about taking care of the outboard motors on their boats, it is not at all uncommon to hear them speak about using oil in your engine. Most people highlight this as a very important part of engine care because it is something that can really have a big effect on your engine. Not using oil or using low quality oil can cause a lot of problems with your engine.

Since an engine needs proper lubrication to run smoothly, it is small wonder that an engine will break when deprived of oil. An engine without oil in it will have the various pieces rubbing together in a way that will cause a large level of wear and will eventually destroy the parts of an engine. You must put outboard motor oil into your outboard to prevent this problem.

Of course, putting just any kind of oil into your engine isn’t something that is likely to work either. When you use low quality oils, you’ll often find that there are residues that build up inside of the engine. This can cause parts of the engine to stick making it far more difficult for the pieces to continue working in the long run.

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