Mercury Oil is recommended for Mercury Engines Specifically

mercury outboardWhen I purchased my Mercury outboard motor, I was very surprised to find that the owner’s manual was very specific about telling me that I should be using the same brand of oil for my boat. I initially assumed that this was just another company trying to make money two different ways since the oil was so expensive compared to cheap off brand oil.

After doing some research on the recommendation, I discovered that there was actually a very good reason for this. I found out that the Mercury oil was actually designed specifically with Mercury motors in mind meaning that the oil was really formulated for their needs. Of course, no other oil company is able to make oil that is for these specific engines precisely.

I discovered that when you use Mercury oil in your outboard motor that is also made by Mercury the motor becomes so much more efficient and effective. I am able to really get more out of my motor when I use the higher quality oil. It is good to know that buying the more expensive oil is actually worth it and the company is not just trying to take my money in exchange for nothing.

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