The Many Types of Outboard Motor Oil Can Be Somewhat Confusing

outboard motorsWhen I was first working with my new motor, I decided to look up all of the different types of oil so that I might be able to find the one that was right for my boat. I was really surprised at the sheer number of different types of oil that were out there for boats. I had to look through this huge selection just to find what kind of oil would be the right kind to have.

I was confused by all of the different terms when it came to looking at these different types of oil. There were a lot of different numbers that had something to do with the requirements of the engine that would end up needing the oil. There were also different types like two stroke and four stroke and I didn’t know much about what these meant.

I had to learn a lot about the different types of outboard motor oil just so that I could unravel the mess and decide what I would be getting for my boat. I now know what kind of oil my boat needs, but I really do wish that it was easier to find out. I am hoping that I will be able to continue using this same oil without problems with my next outboard.

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