Top 10 Ferry Boat Rides Worldwide ~ San Francisco

Crossing the San Francisco Bay by ferry is a timeless tradition that dates back to 1850 when the ferryboats ran between San Francisco and Oakland. Since then countless ferry routes have emerged across the San Francisco Bay area. One of the most popular routes is one that parallels the Golden Gate Bridge. In fact, before this mighty bridge made its debut in 1937, ferry routes flourished around this waterway.

However, the need for ferries encountered a great demise once the Golden Gate Bridge gave way to automobile travelers. It wasn’t until about 29 years later that the need for ferries returned. In its first year, just over 3.3 million vehicles crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and by 1967, the traffic had grown over 750 percent to a staggering 28.3 million. With such high numbers the bridge was reaching its saturation point and the need for ferryboats appeared once again.

The fleet of Golden Gate Ferries certainly uses powerful motor oil such as Evinrude XD 50 oil!

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