TC-WC Outboard Motor Oil Certification

old-johnson-outboard-motor-logoThe benchmark for two cycle oil is TC-W3 certification. Two stroke engines require users to mix the fuel with outboard motor oil to lubricate the various components. During this process oil is both burned, and unburned, creating various emissions and leakage concerns. The goal of TC-W3 is to ensure that the oil meets proper lubrication standards while still holding up to EPA regulations.

There are various tests the NMMA, the organization that manages TC-W3, employs to rate oil. Some of these tests include: liquidity, fluidity, viscosity, and standards for ring sticking and carbon build up. NMMA uses various motors and performs 100 hour tests to determine the specs for the oil. While there are no specifications for the oil formula, it must meet the minimum standard in the testing to be certified.

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