How to Tune an Outboard Motor: Part Two

boat motor oilYesterday we went over the necessary parts and materials that you will need to tune your outboard motor. Before you begin dissembling your motor, refer to your owner’s manual for specific procedures and recommended parts or boat motor oil. As with most repairs, we are going to start with a visual inspection; ensure that the motor is off, then remove the cowling to expose the power head.

Start the propeller and examine the unit for leaks, cracks and other damage. Refer to your owner’s manual to see if it advises periodic lubricant changes; if so, remove the lower unit’s plugs and drain the fluid into your empty container. Refill the drained lubricant until it begins to seep out the top fill hole, and replace the plug. Follow this with a thorough inspection of the lower unit, checking for missing nuts or bolts and replacing worn fastenings. Tomorrow we will continue our series on outboard motor maintenance.

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