How to Tune an Outboard Motor: Part Three

outboard motor oilNow that we have done a thorough inspection of all of the fastenings on the lower unit, it is time to lubricate the grease fittings. The two primary parts to apply the grease to are the swivel bracket, which is the bearing the motor turns on, and the transom clamp screw. Once this is completed, work the throttle, forward-reverse shift lever and starter cord to identify the moving parts inside the power head; apply grease to all of these components.

After completing the lubrication of the moving parts, disconnect the wires from the spark plugs. It is especially important to take note of where these connections are so that you replace them correctly. Next, remove each spark plug using your adjustable wrench and replace it with one of the appropriate model. When installing the spark plugs, be sure to not over-tighten, as too much pressure can damage the cylinder head. Tomorrow we will finish the tune-up and review how to refill the outboard motor oil.

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