The Great Outdoors in Calgary

Canada154Calgary, Alberta is one of the most beautiful locations in the world. While in the city you have all the amenities you would come to expect from an urban metropolis, on the outskirts you have gorgeous properties situated in the wilderness. Calgary is a unique area because it enjoys hot summers and cold winters. In the summer the temperature can reach beyond 100 F, and during the winter the temperature often dips below 0 F.

You will also find that Calgary receives a lot of snow each year, making it a great place for all kinds of winter activities. Every Christmas my family and I take a trip to my parents’ house in the middle of the Calgary wilderness. They have a good deal of land, and my dad keeps several snowmobiles on the premises. Since he is getting on in years, he doesn’t have the opportunity to go out much or maintain the vehicles. Every year my son and I do some basic maintenance on the vehicles, including minor tune-ups and replacing the Evinrude XD100 oil.

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