Benefits of Synthetic Oil

oilchange_FullWhile the mass manufacturers of mineral oil tend to stifle this fact, the truth is that synthetic oil performs better than mineral oil in all circumstances. Whether it’s an automobile or outboard motor oil, synthetic oil has all the same properties as mineral oil, it just works better and burns cleaner. Synthetic oil has been around for decades, but has only come into the mainstream as people divert their focus to renewable sources of energy. With climate change imminent, it’s important to start switching to synthetic motor oil in all engines. It’s well known that the carbon emissions from engines contribute to the effects of climate change more than all other sources. But synthetic oil can reduce emissions by a significant amount by just using it in an engine.

Synthetic oil tends to cost a bit more than mineral oil (otherwise everyone would buy it), but it is well worth the investment. By purchasing synthetic motor oil, you are helping the environment, and your engine. Synthetic oil cleans and lubricates engines better than mineral oil, saving money on future repairs.

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