Whitefish Lake and Evinrude XD 50 Oil

100-0509tarpon_atboatOne of my favorite places to go fishing is in northwest Montana. In particular, I’ve always found the best lake to go fishing there is Whitefish Lake, which is a place that has been named for the large amount of mountain whitefish that can be found in it. You’re also likely to be able to fish for rainbow trout and northern pike, which are both great to cook and eat.

There are lots of really huge fish in Whitefish Lake, so it’s important to have good fishing equipment and a powerful fishing boat, preferably one running on Evinrude XD 50 oil. I’ve pulled a lot of fish from that lake that have weighed upwards of twenty pounds, so you can often have a challenging yet lucrative fishing experience there.

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2 Cycle Oil in a Better Boat

PM703102AI always feel like when my younger brother makes purchases, he’s trying to catch up with the things that I have just purchased. I’ll purchase a new car, then he’ll purchase a new car. I move into a new place, then he moves into a new place. I think some of these instances have been coincidences, but it’s still something that seems to happen a whole lot.

Most recently, this happened with a boat; I purchased a boat, and then he went out and purchased a boat. While sometimes it’s been a coincidence, I’m pretty sure that this one wasn’t. He always tries to compete with me, so he’s sure to bring up things about his boat whenever he can. My boat uses 2 cycle oil quite efficiently though, much better than his, so I have that advantage.

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Evinrude Outboard Motors And Evinrude XD100 Oil

digi47019996_lEvinrude Outboard Motors is a company that was founded in 1907 by Ole Evinrude, a Norwegian immigrant to the United States. He was fascinated by the newly developed internal combustion engine and wanted to design small engines with his new company. The company developed motors for American military marine craft in World War II.

These days, the company not only develops the cleanest, most efficient outboard motors in the world, but also offers many other products to help keep them running like new. These include outboard motor oils like Evinrude XD100 oil. It is always best to buy the type of oil that was specifically designed for your motor.

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Buying Evinrude XD 100 Oil For Father’s Day

654654654My dad has been going boating a lot with his friends lately. He had been saving up money for a while and finally got around to purchasing a boat last year for himself. Unfortunately, he got it right before winter, so he hasn’t even had much of a chance to take it out since he found the right boat for him.

Since he’s gotten the boat, however, finding gifts for him has been really easy for our family. We just pick up boating-related things and he’s always pretty ecstatic about them. For instance, I know that for Father’s Day, I’m planning on getting him some bottle of Evinrude XD 100 oil, as well as maybe some items that will help him more easily clean his boat.

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It’s Evinrude XD100 or Bust…Literally

DSCN3877Owning a boat can be very expensive. I’m not talking about just the boat itself; I’m talking about the parts and the maintenance. I spent a lot of money on my engine and I want to make sure that it’s getting the best possible care. I change the oil myself every few weeks to make sure there is no carbon buildup that can be potentially damaging.

I noticed that my engine only runs on Evinrude XD100 oil. I asked a mechanic if I was able to use another brand because it can be a bit expensive. He told me that the setting my engine was on requires me to use that specific brand. Then he gave me the name of a store where I can buy some at bulk so it would be cheaper for me in the long run. That was helpful of him because I’m always looking to save a few dollars.

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Living In The Past

2874522609_20beb189a4_zI like to debate with my friend about proper boat maintenance techniques and practices.  My friend was brought up to appreciate the virtues of doing things the old way because they are proven and true.  His father was a military man and also a creature of habit.  He would do things one way and if that one way worked, he stuck with it.  That lesson was instilled in my friend and to this day, he refuses to change.

Last Christmas I got him a gallon of Evinrude outboard oil for his outboard engine and he still refuses to use it to this day.  I explained to him about fully synthetic oil and how it differs from conventional oil and he still wouldn’t budge.  He’s funny that way.  All the clocks in his house are still analog clocks because he finds electronic clocks unreliable.  I call him an old man even though he’s still in his thirties.  I tell him to embrace the future every day but he can’t let go of the past.  Next year I should get him something he desperately needs: a HD television and see if he would use it.

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Dragged Out Shopping

628x471I hate it when my girlfriend drags me along to go shopping with her. I’m not someone at all who cares about things like clothes and fashion, but she’s of course, very much into it, and I typically wind up sitting next to the dressing room in a bunch of different stores, telling her that everything she’s wearing looks good, because I don’t care and just want to get out of there.

The most recent time we went out and did this, I decided that it was only fair if we went to some stores that I wanted to go to afterwards. One of the stores we went to was a boating store and I decided to explain all of the intricacies of boating and taking care of one’s boat to my girlfriend. Then I picked up a couple of bottles of Evinrude XD 100 oil.

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Addicted to Online Shopping

pornography-addiction-gaming-gambling-300x196I’ve been doing a massive amount of online shopping the past few weeks. It started out innocently enough; I was trying to do a little bit of Christmas shopping for my family, and then I started buying things for my friends, and as I was surfing around from website to website, I got caught up in things a little bit, and decided I’d put my Christmas bonus to good use!

I went to a large number of websites that specialized in different things. Checked out some jewelry for my wife and some toys and video games for the kids. I also picked up a bottle of Evinrude XD 50 oil for my boat, because I was running low and I thought it’d be a good use of the money.

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Outboard Motors

6a00d8341c339953ef00e54f3d08ed8834-640wiThe outboard motor is a typical propulsion system for boats and is one of the most efficient ways to get your boat around. Figuring out what kind of outboard motor you want for your boat can sometimes be the tricky part, however. Luckily, there are a few major brands that it’s typically best to select from.

Evinrude and Yamaha are pretty much definitively among the best outboard motors for boats you could possibly find. Primarily, from my experiences anyway, the only differences are related to weight, which is important for the hull you mount it on. Personally, I have an Evinrude one so I make sure to stock up on Evinrude oil now and then to make sure I’ve got everything running well.

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A Hundred Boat Trips

Since my best friend bought a boat a couple years back, he’s been counting the amount of times he’s been able to get it out on the water. Considering he works full-time, he typically only gets a chance to take it out on the weekends, and it’s pretty cold out here, so usually there’s only a window between the end of spring and the beginning of fall that’s appropriate for taking a boat out on the water.

When it was time to take out the boat for its hundredth time, it was a pretty big deal to us. I bought him a bottle of Evinrude XD100 oil as a gift, because he uses it to maintain his boat. When we took it out on the hundredth trip, we gathered as many of our friends as we could to celebrate and we had a really good time.

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I Love Boating

I’ve had three boats in my lifetime because I love boating. I’ve always enjoyed being out on the open water and fishing or just cruising around with my family or with some of my good friends. There are a lot of lakes and rivers nearby the area that I live in, so it’s perfect for someone who loves boats.

My boat has an Evinrude E-TEC engine, so I always use Evinrude XD 50 oil when I’m performing maintenance. I’ve also used it in an older non-Evinrude engine on another boat that I recently sold and it worked fine for that as well. I care a lot about maintaining my boat because boating is very important to me.

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Boat Maintenance is Important

I think that maintaining your boat is really important. I’ve got a friend who bought a boat not too long ago, but he hasn’t been great at keeping up with the maintenance. Because of this, he’s been having some problems with his boat. He also bought it used, but I’ve known other people who bought used boats and maintained it well and never had any problems.

Personally, I’ve always used Evinrude outboard oil and I’ve never had any problems with my boat whatsoever, and I’ve been using my boat for years. I think that with the proper maintenance, you’re likely to avoid any major boat issues. That being said, I also purchased a new boat rather than a used one, so that I would know for sure there’d be no pre-existing issues with it.

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