Why do we need outboard motor oil?

Evinrude:  Because She's Pretty

We put outboard motor oil in our engines to serve several purposes. First, obviously, oil acts as a lubricant. If your engine is operating correctly, there is almost no metal to metal contact – everything is riding on a thin film of oil. However, oil has several other important jobs to do. Oil circulates throughout your engine, and cools parts that cannot get near a water jacket. For example, it’s becoming common in sport bikes to spray oil on the underside of the piston to cool it. There are no water jackets at all in your transmission. Motorcycle transmissions are oil cooled.

Your piston rings do not do a perfect job of sealing. Some combustion by products will slip past the rings into the engine. This can be little particles of carbon. Remember, diamond is carbon that was combined under heat and pressure. These little carbon particles can be quite damaging to your engine. Another job of your oil is to hold these particles in suspension until the oil filter can grab them. Also, if your gasoline has sulpher in it (it does), this sulpher can react with water and oxygen to make sulphuric acid. This is some stuff that is seriously bad for your engine. Your oil has special ingredients in it called buffers to neutralize acids. Finally, your engine can get internal build ups of tars, waxes, and other gunk. Your oil has solvents to try to dissolve this stuff and get and keep your engine clean.

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Synthetic OilI have a 99 merc 115 that has been on synthetic blend for as long as i’ve owned it i’m all out of the blend and was wanting to switch over to full synthetic outboard motor oil, my question is do i have to drain the existing blend remaining in the oil reservoir OR can i just start topping off the reservoir as i use up the oil, next i was wondering is if anyone has hooked up their trolling batteries up in parallel if so how did you do it and how does it work for a 12V motor- thanks!

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This Just In

Get Ready for Next Year’s Show with Evinrude Boats, Motors and Evinrude Oil!

This Guy Uses Evinrude XD50MIAMI BEACH, Fla., Feb. 20, 2008 – The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) today reported steady sales among exhibitors at the 67th Miami International Boat Show & Strictly Sail, despite a decrease in attendance from the prior year.

Attendance at the 2008 show, which completed a five-day run, Feb. 14-18, at the Miami Beach Convention Center, the Sea Isle Marina & Yachting Center and Miamarina at Bayside, was 128,018, a seven percent decrease from the 137,175 visitors reported at the 2007 exhibition.


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Good News!

For years, boat owners have heard the old wives’ tale of what owning a pleasure vessel actually means. Instead of pleasure and fun on the water, boat owners often joke that the word actually means “Break Out Another Thousand.”

That’s in thousands of dollars.

With gas continuing its record increase, owning a boat is taking on a new meaning – paying up at the fuel pump.

Remarkably, boat dealers across South Mississippi and South Alabama are reporting record sales, even though the cost of gas could easily reach $4 a gallon by the end of the summer.”

It’s good to know that gas prices haven’t sidelined everyone. Despite rising fuel and energy costs people are still enjoying their recreational time on the water.

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Careful With that Thing!!

Miss Outboard MotorHey all, I post this to be shot down. Tell me if I’m wrong.

I’ve owned 2 cycle outboards off and on for over 30 years. All Evinrude and Johnson. The few problems I ever had with them were related to the outdrive (once, for age) or were electrical (periodic, for submersion in saltwater). At a marina, most places will put it in last. When refilling a partially full tank, it is hard to know how much Evinrude oil to put in until you know how much gas you put in.

Personally, I’ve added the oil first and last. First for empty tanks, last for partials. The oil is completely soluble in gasoline and will naturally disburse in a short period of time.

This may be a bit dated, but the anecdote is that oil injections systems and their alarms may fail. The downside is your engine will overheat and you will sputter to a stop. The upside, when working properly (which is usual), is that they do accurately apply the correct amout of oil, which reduces smoking, polution and possibly oil usage.

On the occasions where I or someone (the guy at the marina) forgot the oil, we sputtered to a stop, deliberated, divined the error and added the oil. Then we resumed our fun. On the occasions where I or someone (it was me) doubled the oil, we smoked quite a bit until our next tank.

I don’t recommend forgetting the oil or accidently doubling it, but if on rare occasions it happens, it is not catastrophic.
If you, someone else or the oil injector messes up often, it probably could be.

My suggestion is to use the oil injection system and periodically give the oil level a visual inspection during use. It may be hard to tell with light usage, but over time you will be able to tell. If you sputter to a stop and the oil isn’t being used, put oil in the gas.

The absolute here is to always keep a quart or two of the 2 cycle engine oil on the boat.


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A little nostalgia

Time Magazine Sept. 27, 1954Evinrude and Evinrude Oil in history.


Hush Money

Monday, Sep. 27, 1954

From the dock of his waterfront restaurant in Freeport, L.I., Bandleader and Boat Racer Guy Lombardo climbed into a small boat with two outboard motors on the stern. As he started up one motor and raced about the water, there was the ear-splitting racket that has come to be associated with eggbeater boating. But when the motor was turned off and the other was tried out, there was a difference. From 500 ft. away, the motor could not be heard at all; newsmen riding in the boats could converse in normal tones, hear the slap-slap of the waves against the bow. Vibration was cut sharply.


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XD100 Fact Sheet

Evinrude Oil XD100 Synthetic formula for use in Evinrude E-Tec outboard engines, direct injection or oil injected outboard engines. XD100 provides unsurpassed protection against friction and wear while maximum detergency helps eliminate combustion deposits. Evinrude Oil XD100 burns clean and is smokeless, ashless, and odorless.

– Promotes maximum engine life
– Ashless and odorless
– Smokeless

Evinrude XD100 is a premium synthetic fomulation that delivers ultimate performance while providing the opportunity to reduce oil consumption on most Evinrude E-TEC models with dealer programming.

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Q & A

Evinrude OilQuestion:

I have a sport twin 10hp evinrude and wandering if i need to add any special gas additive or can i just run it on 50:1 Evinrude oil


The 10hp Sportwins were built in one form or another up into the early 1960s (need model number to pinpoint) and don’t make the cut for 50:1 mix. They still had several bronze babbit bearings and need some extra oil to stay in operation over the long haul. 32:1 (pint oil to 4 gallons gas) using good quality TCW-3 rated oil and good quality gasoline (89 should be good enough – 87 can be kinda junky in some areas, 90+ high test not necessary) and you’ll be good to go…
– Scott

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Get Your Motor Runnin’ with Evinrude Oil

Evinrude Oil to the Rescue“Chances are you’ve seen some old-timer tooling down the road with a flat-bottom boat tied into the back of his pickup. Inside the boat, or maybe in the truck bed itself, wedged between the cab and the wheel well, rides a battered old outboard motor.

If those old motors could talk, the stories they could tell about long-ago duck hunts and fishing trips.

Surprisingly, many cosmetically abused motors still run well. With a modest investment of time, money and Evinrude Oil, you can restore them to showroom condition.

Collectors generally don’t restore outboards for the money. Fully restored, most outboards don’t bring a profit after you factor in the price of parts, tools and time. Most do it for the satisfaction of restoring such an important piece of Americana.”

The results are in. For the best outboard motor oil on the planet there’s no beating Evinrude Oil. Take care of your engine and you’ll enjoy it for years!

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Why Evinrude Oil

Evinrude Oil

Take care of your outboard motor with 2 cycle Evinrude Oil!

Marine engines sometime have two strikes against them before they leave the factory. First, when they are run, they generally are run at or near peak RPM for extended periods of time under heavy load conditions. Every time they are asked to plow through a wave or boat wake, the engine strains to keep RPM constant. This would be the equivalent of having your car attached to a giant bungee cord, adding drag and releasing it over and over all day long, something we would never dream of doing. Secondly, extended periods of time between uses is common on marine engines, allowing potentially damaging corrosion to build up quickly.

The key to fighting these damaging realities is proper care and maintenance of your engine through proper lubrication. The proper outboard motor oil will reduce friction and leave the cylinder walls properly coated to eliminate corrosion between uses. Changing the crankcase oil frequently will prolong the life of inboard engines. The proper fuel additives will keep your fuel fresh all season, and remove water build up due to condensation in the tank. Other important additives can boost octane levels of the fuel and clean the injectors, all in the name of increased fuel economy.

The bottom line is, don’t treat your boat as if it’s a car. Make sure you have the proper marine products to extend the life of your engine.

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The Start of the Outboard Motor — the Evinrude Story

The outboard motor was invented over 100 years ago — the inventor, Ole Evinrude, died 68 years ago.

Ole Evinrude was born in Norway in 1877. His family moved to the U.S. when he was a small boy, settling in Wisconsin. He grew up working with his hands and spent his teens taking jobs at factories until he founded his own motor shop around the turn of the century.

The Story that sparked the Idea!

In 1906, Evinrude was picnicking on a small island with Bess Cary, his future wife. Bess mentioned that she’d like some ice cream and Ole volunteered to go get it — even though it meant rowing quite some distance to another island. By the time Ole returned with the gallon of ice cream, it had melted away. This event inspired Evinrude to create a lightweight, detachable motor that could power small boats.

The invention is born!

He made his first tests in 1907, started a new company in 1909 and obtained a patent in 1911. Soon the Evinrude Outboard Motor Company had hundreds of employees. Ole led the technical team and Bess was in charge of advertising and promotion — with the company’s motto: “Don’t row! Throw the oars away! Use an Evinrude motor”. He later started his own brand of Evinrude Oil … but that’s another story!

The Evinrudes retired early, but they got back into the small motor business in the 1920s. They continued to improve and sell their outboard motors, even during the lean years of the Depression. Bess died in 1933 and Ole died the next year, at the age of 57, on July 12, 1934. The year he died, his company created the Lawn-Boy brand of lawnmowers, which still exists, as does the Evinrude brand of outboard motors — although both brands are now owned by different companies.

The budding love of a woman and her love for ice cream sparked an industry that today is worth billions of dollars!


(Thanks — https://www.tecsoc.org/pubs/history/2002/jul12.htm — for this great story!)

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Evinrude indsutry leaders for almost a century!

Evinrude E-Tec“Bess Cary loved ice cream. One day, during a picnic on an island in a Wisconsin lake, Cary asked fiance Ole Evinrude if he would row back to shore to get her a dish.
Sweat poured down his face as he raced to get the ice cream back to his dear Bess before it melted under the hot summer sun. That was when Evinrude thought to himself, “There has to be a better way.””

And Evinrude outboard 2 cycle motors were born, and with them a long history of reliability and non-stop innovation. In the market of 2 cycle outboard engine oil Evinrude continues to lead with both its Evinrude XD 50 and XD 100 oil types for all kinds of 2 cycle engines. See for yourself how to increase your outboard motor’s performance with near half-off oil prices at domo-online!

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