The Yamalube Story

YamalubeOur number one goal in creating Yamalube is to ensure that you are getting the finest oil available for your Yamaha. Of course, no one oil is perfect for every application. That’s why Yamalube is available in the precise formula your Yamaha Engine needs.The Yamalube Story
When Yamaha started making engines the engineers followed the common practice of recommending “off-the-shelf” oils. Experience began showing that conventional oils didn’t always offer the level of protection against wear and tear the customer paid for. Unfortunately, that sometimes resulted in significantly shorter engine life. It became clear that our customers needed and deserved an exceptional oil product. The same engineering team began searching for lubricants that met Yamaha’s high standards. They insisted on the finest ingredients in precise formulations that would give dependable protection and enable the engine to deliver the high performance it was designed to give. This search eventually led to the development of our own premium oils – Yamalube.

What is Yamalube?
Each Yamalube oil is made from base oils, additives, and solvents in combinations specific for the application. For example, the additive package for Yamalube 2-M is outboard oil is very different from our Yamalube 2-R for motocross motorcycles, even though both are liquid-cooled 2-stroke engines. These two engine types have different stress loads, with the outboard often operating for extended periods under heavy load while the motocross engine is subjected to frequent bursts of throttle under extreme conditions. Consequently, the oils developed for these engines have different lubrication formulas.

Yamalube Base Oil comes in two forms, “neutral oil” and “bright stock”. Neutral Oil provides basic lubrication properties. It also acts as a “carrier” fluid,” one that carriers the additive package to the metal parts while carrying away carbon and varnish particles. Neutral oil can be mineral or synthetic in origin. Bright Stock is a thick oil that has anti-scuffing properties. It helps reduce piston scuffing. Yamalube uses carefully selected combinations of neutral oil and bright stock to match the needs of the application.

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