Evinrude MFE

Evinrude Multi-Fuel OutboardsMore technology from Evinrude, your outboard motor and outboard motor oil innovators.

High tech Evinrude® multi-fuel engines (MFE) that have powered U.S. military branches like the Marines and Navy SEALS, and the international defense industry, are now offered for sale to the general public through authorized BRP/Evinrude dealerships worldwide. Designed for flexible use of multiple fuels in harsh demanding mission applications, Evinrude MFE outboards are capable of running on kerosene, aviation fuels (JP-4, JP-5, JP-8, Jet-A and Jet-B), and standard gasoline. These fuels are available from commercial sources worldwide. The engine’s fuel selection can be changed with the simple flip of a switch, without compromising performance.

By adapting innovative design elements from the industry-leading Evinrude® E-TEC® technology, the Evinrude MFE meets the Common Fuels Initiative, a U.S. Department of Defense mandate that will require all U.S. military forces to use a series of common fuels to power their equipment for simpler logistics and increased safety by the year 2010. Other competitive technologies, due to their large number of moving parts and complex valve systems and air passages, do not allow this capability.

The MFE is not designated an Evinrude E-TEC engine, but E-TEC technology is incorporated throughout the design. In fact, the E-TEC injectors, fuel system and onboard computer are what make the multi-fuel capability possible. Many of the MFE features have been incorporated into the Evinrude E-TEC recreational line of outboard engines. Innovative designs such as cylinder sleeve oiling, modified deflector pins and mapping strategies currently utilized in E-TEC engines were originally developed for the MFE to meet the demands of military use.

The Evinrude 55MFE is available in either a conventional propeller ready gearcase or a impeller equipped pump jet model. The pump jet version provides the option of propulsion without a propeller, affording additional safety and performance targets for a wider variety of applications. Built to U.S military specifications, the pump jet is a large impeller unit attached to a full gearcase that provides superior thrust and performance when compared to conventional jet pumps.

The two-cylinder 55-hp MFE is rope started with a convenient break-down tiller steering arm and is available in two models: a propeller model (E55MRL) and a jet propulsion model (E55MJRL). The custom military design, created for stealth operation, includes minimal engine noise, low emissions, a wrap-around assist handle for easy lifting and carrying, and a matte tactical black paint color.

Evinrude MFE include a 12-month stand-alone warranty, regardless of consumer or military purchase. The Evinrude MFE are not for sale in the state of California.

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