Boating Trips Are Fun for My Family As Long As I Use the Right

boat harborA while ago, I had a disaster of a boating trip that started when I didn’t add the right kind of motor oil to my boat. I knew that it was a terrible idea to do this from the start, but the only oil that was available was oil that was very low quality. Since it was just a short trip, I was hoping that there wouldn’t be any problem with using this particular kind of oil.

I’m not sure whether it was the oil itself or if I somehow used it wrong having never used it before, but soon after launching the boat, the motor ground to a halt. This meant we had to be rescued and towed back into shore since I just couldn’t get the motor going once it had stopped. It was great that we were so close to shore since it wasn’t too long of a tow for us.

Now that I have been through this disaster of a boating trip, I know better than to substitute my favorite kind of outboard motor oil for any other. When I stick to the oil that I know, I never have any problems getting my boat launched and going for the entirety of my boating trip.

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