Two Cycle Outboard Oil Keeps My Old Motor Running

outboard motor boatThe motor that I have had on my smallest boat has been one that I have had for an extremely long time at this point. I bought this motor when I was just getting my first boat and have had it running ever since. I had to fix up the motor in the first place, so I figure that this motor is really like new for the most part.

I have always been good to my motor which is something that I credit for its extraordinarily long life. I have always made sure to get the motor fixed when it sounded like anything was going wrong with it. On a regular basis, I have supplied it with all of the quality two cycle outboard oil that it needed. I know that my motor has always been taken care of.

I don’t plan to buy a new motor until I am sure that this one will not function anymore. For now, I trust this motor whenever I am out on the lake fishing or spending time just hanging out on the water. I know that I have had many great times with this motor on my boat. I am glad to still have this motor today chugging along as I need it.

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