Some Yamaha Outboard Oil Needs to Be Added to My Boat

power boatI recently have been noticing that my outboard motor is making a funny sound. I don’t like it when it makes this sound since this of course makes me worry that my boat might leave me stranded out in the middle of the water on a regular basis. I have to have my boat fixed before I can ever trust it out on the water.

Fortunately, this time it was easy for me to determine exactly why my boat was acting so odd. I discovered that I had missed adding oil to my engine the last time that I was supposed to do it. It is lucky that I noticed since this means that my boat didn’t have to run much before I was able to fix the mistake. Simply adding Yamaha outboard oil has my boat back on track.

I am planning to make sure that I have good reminders next time it is time to add some oil because clearly whatever I had in place last time didn’t work. I have been thinking of setting reminders on my phone and just having the oil more visible in my garage. Hopefully this will make it easier for me to remember when to add it.

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