Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil is Regularly on My Shopping List

domo-online blog 5 2-08-16Since I run a boat rental company, I have to constantly maintain all of the boats that I have so that they are ready for people to use. I make sure that I wash the boats after they are used and get them ready for the next person who is renting the boat. Part of this is doing a quick inspection to make sure that there is nothing that the boat needs before going out again.

Since I have a large number of boats, it seems as if I am always adding oil or gasoline to one boat or another. I have a shopping list for my business that I use to keep track of anything that I am running low on. I find that Yamalube 2 cycle oil is one of the things that seems to be on my shopping list the most since the boats need this oil to continue running well.

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