Bulk Mercury Optimax Oil Makes it So I Have All The Oil I Need to Maintain My Fleet

domo-online blog 3 2-01-16For a few years now, I have been running a little boat rental place where people can rent boats to take out for the day and use for fishing or just trolling around. It is a great option for people who want to enjoy the fun part of having a boat without having to worry about maintenance. I have all kinds of people who want to rent a boat just for a day of family fun.

I have a small fleet of boats for now since I have not found that there is demand for many boats on the same day typically. I am able to keep all of the boats that I have maintained since I have time to actually work on this small number of boats. I buy bulk Mercury Optimax oil to use in the motors since I can get this premium oil for cheaper when I buy it in large amounts.

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