Some Yamalube Oil Keeps My Boat in Tip Top Shape

domo-online blog 2 2-01-16I have been fishing ever since I was three years old and I could actually hold a fishing pole without dropping it over the edge of the boat. My father was an avid fisherman who was intent on teaching me everything that I needed to know about fishing. Over the years, I became a great fisherman to the point where I could almost always find exactly where the fish would be biting.

I decided once I bought a boat that I would become a fishing guide and have people on my boat on a regular basis. I was able to start my own business driving people around in my boat and setting them up with the fishing tackle that they would need to catch fish. I have to keep my boat in tip top shape for the job, so I always make sure to fill it with Yamalube oil and keep the motor well maintained.

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