What is Ringfree Plus?

YLB-RNGFR-PL-12I have to be honest; I’m one of those boat owners who has no idea what I’m talking about. My husband does all the shopping and decision making when it comes to our outboard motor because frankly, none of the different lingo or descriptions sound like different products to me. All I know is that there are oils that work with my motor, and some that don’t.

When my husband decided we should start buying Ringfree plus, I made the mistake of asking what the difference was. He told me for over 20 minutes. All I gather is that it’s one of the best Ethanol fuel options in a highly concentrated formula, and we only need one ounce of it for 10 gallons of gasoline. It also protects our fuel system. I’ll let him be the one to actually use it, though.

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Live Greener with Yamalube 2W Oil

domo-online blog 5 12-30-13Over my lifetime, there has been more emphasis on treating the environment the right way. With the discover of global warming and the impact that humans are having on the world that we live in, governments have tried to find new ways for people to consume less and limit their impact. In my family, this meant a lot of changes initially.

My mother decided that we would use glass milk containers rather than plastic, because these could be recycled more easily. In general, we began recycling everything more and trying to drive less. When my dad took his Jet Ski out on the water, he would use Yamalube 2W oil rather than anything else, because it produced less smoke and less water pollution.

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