Outboard Engine Always Made My Vacation with Yamalube 2M Oil

LaborDayLakes_KidsWhen the family would take our usual trip to the lake house, our parents always had an idea of what it would be like: the whole family around a fire pit, sharing stories and hanging out. The reality was my sister and I screaming over who got the better room and bickering over what we wanted for breakfast (who says no to pancakes?).

Lucky for me, my sister’s idea of a vacation was working on her tan out on the dock. This meant I got to use our boat as much as I wanted. My father showed me how to properly add the Yamalube 2m oil and maintain the engine. I would take the boat out for hours every day, making sure to come back in time for the fire pit at night.

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Fighting Outboard Motor Build Up with Bulk Mercury Optimax Oil

bulk mercury optimax oilWithin the first year of owning our outboard motor, it started to slow down a bit. It wasn’t anything major, and it was still functioning well, but I couldn’t help but feel like we were losing a lot more performance in the first year than was typical. When I told my husband my thought, he started to notice that small shift, too, and said it was too early on for this.
His best friend from his childhood is a mechanic, which has saved us a lot of repair money for our vehicles over the years. He looked at the engine and said we had a bit of a carbon build-up and should have been buying bulk mercury Optimax oil this whole time. Luckily we caught it early on and our engine has been running much better ever since.

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