Buying Evinrude Oil Before the Trip

evinrudeIt could be (accurately) said that I’m not terribly organized when it comes to family trips. It’s pretty funny because as I sit at my work desk, there’s a post it note for every task that needs to be done and a neat order in which I approach every day’s work. When I get home, that all gets erased and I fall into a lazier person’s habits.

When we were planning our family trip, my husband had an incredible idea that never occurred to any of us: buy the Evinrude oil we needed before we left. Every year, we went up to our shore house and complained on high about the inflated prices of oil in town. My husband finally was the one to think, hey, couldn’t we just buy this beforehand?

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Mercury 2 Stroke Oil and Other Winterizing Supplies

WebPicture-560x245As the cold air sets in, it’s time to get your two-stroke engine ready for the winter. The change in temperature will make your engine have different needs, since it will be working under new conditions. In order to get ready for the season, there are a few things you will need to buy to extend the life of your motor, even during the winter.

You will need to get the right mercury 2 stroke oil, along with fogging oil. Other materials include lower unit gear lube, gasoline additive, CRC or WD, marine grease, lower unit gear lube pump, and new fuel. The cost of all of these materials is typically around $50, but will make sure you get the most out of your motor. The investment definitely pays for itself.

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