What’s the Difference between Yamalube 2-M and 2-W?

2mwWhen looking at the best oil for your water sports vehicle, all of the different numbers and letters on the bottles can get confusing. It may seem like there is no real difference between your oil options and that all motors operate the same. You always want to pay attention to the types and ratings of the oil your engine calls for.

The difference between Yamalube 2-M and 2-W is a great example of one being slightly better for a specific vehicle. Yamalube 2-W was designed by Yamaha for their WaveRunner and inboard jet-powered boat engines and is not a TC-W3 rated oil.  2-M is TC-W3 rated and is specifically designed for use as 2-stroke outboard oil. Both oils were blended with precision and are often used as the industry standard in great oil.

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Boat Motor Oil for Cathartic Fishing Trips

k-beach-phillips-in-river-boat-1956-webThere’s nothing I love more than going fishing with my friends. I find it to be an extremely cathartic experience that helps me to unwind. It’s also a good way to catch up with your buddies if you don’t get a chance to see them that often throughout the week. Since most of my friends and I have very busy schedules, we tend to have a lot to talk about when we fish on the weekends.

Usually, I’ll just fill up my boat with boat motor oil and check out whether or not any other maintenance needs to be done for my boat on Wednesday or Thursday night, so that I can know for sure that my boat will be ready to go by the weekend. Usually, my friends and I will get up early on either a Saturday or a Sunday and we head out to a nearby lake for fishing.

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Sticking with Evinrude Outboard Oil

xd30_group-low-rezI’m definitely the type of person who is very set in his ways. When I start doing something, I stick to it, no matter what that might entail. I’m not a quitter and I’m not one who is very willing to change from routine, unless it is absolutely necessary. I enjoy living in a state of comfort, where things in my life don’t ever get too far outside of my control.

One way that I show this trait is through brand loyalty. For instance, I am absolutely adamant that only Evinrude outboard oil is used on my boat. I’ve gotten great performance out of Evinrude products and I don’t have any intention of changing things up for any reason, because I’m a firm believer that you should stick with what works.

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Bulk Motor Oil for Someone Who Doesn’t Like Shopping

55 gallon drumI’m not really a big spender and I loathe shopping. I spend money on the things that I want and those things are few and far between. Apart from cost of living, food, bar tabs, and vehicle maintenance, there’s not a whole lot that I need. I’m not the type who buys a bunch of clothes all the time or who constantly needs the newest technological gadgets that are on the market.

This has allowed me to use my money better. For instance, whenever I get a bonus at work, I usually load up on essential things that I need. I’ll buy items for my car or boat, for example. Whenever I’m purchasing supplies for my boat, I make sure to stock up on bulk motor oil. This way, I don’t constantly have to go shopping to get new items.

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Yamalube 2W Maintains a New Waverunner

iIOwbt2RQ9awOne of the most exciting moments of my life was when I got my Waverunner for my birthday. I had been begging my parents to get me a Waverunner before I was even old enough to drive. My mom was a worrywart, but I’ve always been very safe on these sorts of vehicles. Ultimately, it was up to my dad whether or not I would get one.

He decided that he would get a Waverunner for me, as long as I agreed to be in charge of its maintenance, which I was more than willing to do. I keep a stock of Yamalube 2W to use on my Waverunner so that I can ensure that it’s always running perfectly. I want to be sure to show appreciation for this amazing gift by treating it well and making it last a long time.

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No Noise Complaints with Yamaha Outboard Oil

yamalube logoI love listening to my music as loud as possible, especially when it’s thundering around me. I prefer blasting it through a stereo to listening through my earphones because I’m pretty sure it does less damage to my ears, and I just enjoy the experience more that way. However, I have run into a problem with my most recent apartment, in that my neighbors don’t like how loud I like my music.

I’ve found a solution that will keep me from getting noise complaints that still allows me to enjoy my music loud and proud. I just fill up my boat with Yamaha outboard oil, take my boat out to the middle of the lake, and then blast my music for as long and as loud as I’d like. Nobody’s gonna call in a noise complaint out on the water!

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Mixing Yamalube 2M with Other Brands?

caremaint-maintmat-lubeOne thing that I’ve learned from my boating experiences is to not mix and match oils from different brands. Usually, mixing oils from the same brand is not a problem at all, but there are plenty of bad things that can occur from mixing two different oils together, which is why it is generally not recommended. This is something that didn’t happen to me, but did happen to a friend of mine.

My friend usually used Yamalube 2M, but ran out while filling up his boat and decided to mix it with another brand of oil. The dyes and additives in these oils were not compatible and it clogged up the fuel injections system, which was an expensive thing that had to be fixed. Due to his own mistake, I try to make sure to burn or drain out all the oil if I ever change brands.

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Yamalube to Escape the Storm

Hurricane Ike damageOne of the scariest things in the world is being out on your boat and getting caught in a storm. I’ve had it happen to me one single time and it’s not something I would ever recommend. There had been a low percentage of a storm hitting the day I went out, so I assumed it would blow over, as weathermen have a tendency to exaggerate or just be flat-out wrong.

This time, the storm warnings were legitimate, however. I was lucky that I made sure to load my boat up with Yamalube oil, because that way it had the power that it needed to get me as far away from that storm as possible. I managed to get out of there without getting hurt or without any serious damage to my boat, but it was a terrifying experience

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Mercury Premium Plus for Relaxing Boat Rides

lifestyle 2_0My house is frequently full of kids. I’ve got three kids myself, between the ages of thirteen and seventeen, and our house has become the go-to ‘hangout spot’ for them and all of their friends. Because of this, there is rarely a time where I am able to have any quiet time to myself. I’m fine with my kids having their friends over, but I need to have some ‘me time.’

My favorite way of getting some time to myself is just by filling my boat up with Mercury Premium Plus and taking it out on the water. Sometimes I’ll go fishing and sometimes I’ll just use it as a nice way to get myself isolated so I can do something like read or listen to the radio, without any kids running around all over the place.

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Always Using Mercury Optimax Oil

sigpic109267_4I’ve been boating for quite some time now and I made sure to do all the necessary research when I purchased my boat. I went through the motions when it came to picking out what type of boat I wanted and how much space I wanted. Then, I did my best to figure out the best deal that I could get, based on market listings and the availability of used boats that I wanted.

When I purchased my boat, I made sure to ask the previous owner what sorts of oil and fuel additives he used on it and things like that, to ensure that it would continue running in its best possible shape. He told me that I should exclusively use Mercury Optimax oil. I’ve followed his instructions and I’ve always gotten amazing performance from my boat.

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