What’s the Difference between Yamalube 2-M and 2-W?

2mwWhen looking at the best oil for your water sports vehicle, all of the different numbers and letters on the bottles can get confusing. It may seem like there is no real difference between your oil options and that all motors operate the same. You always want to pay attention to the types and ratings of the oil your engine calls for.

The difference between Yamalube 2-M and 2-W is a great example of one being slightly better for a specific vehicle. Yamalube 2-W was designed by Yamaha for their WaveRunner and inboard jet-powered boat engines and is not a TC-W3 rated oil.  2-M is TC-W3 rated and is specifically designed for use as 2-stroke outboard oil. Both oils were blended with precision and are often used as the industry standard in great oil.

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