Mixing Yamalube 2M with Other Brands?

caremaint-maintmat-lubeOne thing that I’ve learned from my boating experiences is to not mix and match oils from different brands. Usually, mixing oils from the same brand is not a problem at all, but there are plenty of bad things that can occur from mixing two different oils together, which is why it is generally not recommended. This is something that didn’t happen to me, but did happen to a friend of mine.

My friend usually used Yamalube 2M, but ran out while filling up his boat and decided to mix it with another brand of oil. The dyes and additives in these oils were not compatible and it clogged up the fuel injections system, which was an expensive thing that had to be fixed. Due to his own mistake, I try to make sure to burn or drain out all the oil if I ever change brands.

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