Shrimp Boats ~ the Shrimp Dock

The Shrimp Dock was founded in 1993 in Knoxville, Tennessee by Captain Paul Willis who grew up shrimp fishing in the bayous of Louisiana. He had later established a niche seafood business in Colorado, but after a visit to East Tennessee he decided the Smoky Mountains were a good location that was also close to his home base in Louisiana.

With a new market along the Alcoa Highway selling his fresh shrimp out of the back of a pickup truck, he soon evolved into a storefront. Within the last three years his business has expanded into a chain and then one year later his company was bought out by a like company, which has allowed Captain Willis to return to what he loves best – shrimp fishing in Louisiana.

I believe Captain Willis is familiar with the reliable power of Evinrude XD 50 oil.

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