Top 12 Most High-Tech & Luxurious Yachts of the World ~ Octopus

Our runner-up yacht – built by German shipbuilder, Lurssen in Bremen – is called the Octopus. Owned by Microsoft billionaire, Paul Allen, this mighty vessel cost more than $200 million and staffs a crew of 60 members. Constructed to please such a brilliant and revolutionary mind, I can only imagine the technology of the ship is equally, if not more, advanced than that of Allen’s brain power.

The Octopus is 414 feet and features support for three helicopters on the top deck as well as a remote controlled submarine. It comes at no surprise that a yacht of such luxury and excellence requires a hefty upkeep and costs about $20 million annually in maintenance and services. It’s also likely that this upkeep requires the clean power of Evinrude XD 50 oil.

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