Top 12 Most High-Tech & Luxurious Yachts of the World ~ Trimaran

Surely there are some science fiction fans out there who would relish the opportunity to own a futuristic super-yacht. For just $2.4 million you can own Trimaran, the work of Craig Loomes. The overall design of the ship looks like a space ship you might see exploring the galaxy on Star Trek.

The 148 meter hull has split-level luxury staterooms to accommodate 28 guests. The uniquely shaped hull is flanked by two narrow side hulls for stability. Top speed for Trimaran is 50 knots and the cruising speed is 40 knots with a range of 3,000 miles. Luxury amenities include a swimming pool, hot tub, sunbathing rooms, a grand piano bar, and a helicopter pad. Quality oil like Evinrude XD50 oil is most likely used to keep this floating hotel running smoothly.

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