Benefits of Yamalube 2-S Oil

Benefits of Yamalube 2-S Oil

The Yamalube brand of motor oil for use in snowmobiles, ATVs, and motorcycles has a number of unique benefits that conventional motor oils do not. Yamaha formulated their Yamalube 2S oil to withstand intense conditions, and help to preserve the longevity of the engine. Here are a few of the more well documented benefits of Yamalube 2S oil:

~Low Smoke – Yamalube 2S oil can reduce visible smoke by up to 50%; meaning less smoke when starting up and moving.

~Reduce Engine Wear – by using special additives, carbon build-up in the engine can be reduced by up to 40%, translating into extended engine life and better performance.

~All-Weather Performance – Yamalube 2S oil contains an additive to help maintain liquidity and prevent gelling in freezing conditions.

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