Marine Pollution Control


Oil spills are harmful aquatic wildlife and plants, and through permeable surfaces, can enter underground streams and reservoirs and effect drinking water. It is essential to avoid oil spills and provide immediate containment should a spill occur. If a small amount of marine engine oil should be spilled while filling the tank, or as backsplash out of the fuel intake, an oil absorbent sweep is great way to clean up surface spills. The sweep is drawn over the water’s surface to absorb the sheen of oil, and works well for smaller spills.

For pre-emptive protection from an oil spill, remember to change your oil filter often, and also a bilge boom can act to soak up and absorb gas and oil spills before entering the water.

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Buying a Scooter

Boss Scooter

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when buying a new scooter. First of all, when looking at the various different styles of scooters, you will want to also think about how the scooter fits you. Scooters are made to suit different body frames and sizes. You will also want an accurate idea of what you will use the scooter to do. Whether it’s highway, long distance, or short distance travel, this will determine the kind of engine you buy. Another important point is to shop around, and don’t be unwilling to travel longer distances for a better deal. It’s worth it in the long run!

You will also want to keep in mind that scooters use different types of automobile products. For example, you will need Yamalube oil or another type of motor oil suited for small vehicles.

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