Getting Boat Motor Oil Online is Easier

domo online blog 1 7-21-14I absolutely hate going to stores and not being able to find exactly what I am looking for. It is especially frustrating when I have driven all the way to the store, only to discover that whatever I wanted to go there for is completely sold out. In general, when I am shopping for items for my boat, I would much rather type a query into a search function than ask a store employee for help.

Since finding important items like fuel additives or boat motor oil can be tricky in stores, I usually just rely on online stores to supply me with everything that I need. I can understand wanting to buy tow ropes and fishing poles in person where you can see and feel them, but for the brand of oil that I have always used I can rely on the internet. I can get what I need just as easily without the hassle.

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After Adding Outboard Oil Comes the Fun Parts of Boating

domo online blog 4 5-12-14Having a boat is a lot of work regardless of weather you have a large yacht or a small speed boat. There is required maintenance for all types of boats that you simply have to actually take care of in order to keep your boat running for a long period of time. When you’re buying a boat, you should make sure to keep the maintenance in mind when picking which boat is right for you.

I personally chose a smaller speed boat with an outboard engine because most of the maintenance is limited to adding 2-stroke outboard oil. There is still the launching of the boat and running the engine in fresh water after being in salt water, but this is all relatively easy maintenance.

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What’s the Best Outboard Motor Oil for You?

domo online blog 1 5-5-14In all of the time that I have been going out on boats, I have talked to many different people about their experiences with boat maintenance. It seems that almost every boater has gone through a learning process to decide exactly what kind of maintenance to do on their boat. Everyone has their own time schedule and favorite brand of oil that they think is perfect for their boat.

When it comes to determining what the best outboard motor oil to use is, you have to weigh a lot of different factors. The type of motor that you have on your boat and the age of that motor can really change what type of oil will work best inside of it. This is why one boater might swear by one type of oil while another one would be against using the same type of oil.

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The Right Outboard Motor Oil Requires Research

domo online blog 4 3-31-14When I first got my own outboard motor for my little speed boat, I just assumed that maintenance of this motor would be fairly simple. I would just read an owners’ manual and know what to do right away. Of course, my father would never let me do this because as an experienced fisherman, he knew quite a bit about boats.

He told me that before I chose an outboard motor oil brand or did any kind of maintenance on my motor, I would have to do a lot more research. He explained that getting the opinion of people who had been working with the same motor for years or those who were more experienced was invaluable. I’m glad I listened to him, since I know a lot more about my boat now.

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New Boat Motor Oil for a Boat Repair

domo online blog 1 3-24-14Last season, my father’s boat wasn’t working very well. There appeared to be something wrong with the motor of the boat and at the time he didn’t really have the money to fix it. This meant that the boat sat all winter, without ever being prepared for the next season. He is now trying to repair the boat and get it ready for another fishing season.

He has been busy trying to break in the steering and get the boat ready. He has spent several hours working on the boat to get the motor to become functional again. He has also purchased boat motor oil as well. The boat is looking pretty good. I just hope it runs well once he gets it into the water.

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Choices with Outboard Oil

domo online blog 5 3-10-14Everyone who owns a boat has a slightly different opinion on what type of oil will work best in their motor. My uncle, for example, only relies on oil that has the same brand name as the boat motor that he is using. He won’t use oil that isn’t listed in the manual for the motor. My cousin is not nearly as picky with his oil.

Whenever he needs to get outboard oil, he will simply find TC-W3 oil, but is not necessarily brand name oil. Over time, he often has had to decarb his engine, because these oils don’t burn as cleanly as brand name ones do. My uncle prefers to just get better prices by buying in bulk.

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Protecting Your Motor with High Quality Outboard Motor Oil

domo online blog 4 1-27-14Whenever I go to get my cars oil changed, the shop always recommends that I buy some extremely expensive type of oil. I don’t do it. Mainly this is because my car is old. Whatever damage can be done to the engine by cheap oil has already been done. If I had a new car, I would probably spend my money on the more expensive fuel options.

My father agrees with this policy. With his brand new boat engine, he makes sure to protect his investment by using high quality outboard motor oil. When he had the old engine that he inherited from his father, he just used whatever cheap oil he could find. He figured there wasn’t any point putting a lot of money into an engine that was already starting to break down.

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Choosing a Good Boat Motor Oil

domo online blog 1 1-27-14When you are running an outboard motor, there will be times where you have to replace the oil in the engine. Most boat owners do their own boat maintenance, because it can be extremely expensive to have someone do it for you. Unless you own a larger boat, you usually do not need assistance doing basic maintenance.

In order to pick good boat motor oil for the motor that you have, you should really consult the owner’s manual that came with the motor. If you don’t have the manual anymore, you can usually look it up online. It is best to use the oil that the manufacturer recommends for your outboard motor. This will ensure that your motor is running the way that it should.

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The Quest for the Best Outboard Motor Oil Price

domo online blog 2 1-06-14My father has owned a boat since I was about six years old. He always seems to be behind on its maintenance. Sometimes, he has forgotten to put the right fluids in it. Other times, he just needs to wash it. Part of this is because the boat costs him a lot of money. Between gas, launch fees, and maintenance, it is a luxury that he can just barely afford.

To lower costs he always is trying to find better prices on the things that he uses routinely. To find the best outboard motor oil at a price that he can actually afford he often goes online to buy the oil, rather than going to a store to buy it. He especially tries to avoid going to buy it at the store by the marina, because they will charge him almost twice the price.

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Advantages of a Two Stroke Engine with Mercury Outboard Oil

02For many consumers, there doesn’t sound like there is much of a different between a two stroke engine and a four stroke engine. The first thing to understand when it comes to the differences between the two is what a stroke actually is. A stroke in an engine is the movement of the piston going up or down. The power stroke is when the gasoline in the cylinder fires.

This is what creates the power that is used to make a vehicle operate. In a two stroke engine, every second stroke is the power stroke whereas every fourth in a four stroke engine is the power stroke. This means a two stroke engine can be considered ‘more powerful,’ which many people consider to be a huge advantage. Just make sure to buy the right mercury outboard oil to maintain your engine properly.

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No Noise Complaints with Yamaha Outboard Oil

yamalube logoI love listening to my music as loud as possible, especially when it’s thundering around me. I prefer blasting it through a stereo to listening through my earphones because I’m pretty sure it does less damage to my ears, and I just enjoy the experience more that way. However, I have run into a problem with my most recent apartment, in that my neighbors don’t like how loud I like my music.

I’ve found a solution that will keep me from getting noise complaints that still allows me to enjoy my music loud and proud. I just fill up my boat with Yamaha outboard oil, take my boat out to the middle of the lake, and then blast my music for as long and as loud as I’d like. Nobody’s gonna call in a noise complaint out on the water!

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Always Using Mercury Optimax Oil

sigpic109267_4I’ve been boating for quite some time now and I made sure to do all the necessary research when I purchased my boat. I went through the motions when it came to picking out what type of boat I wanted and how much space I wanted. Then, I did my best to figure out the best deal that I could get, based on market listings and the availability of used boats that I wanted.

When I purchased my boat, I made sure to ask the previous owner what sorts of oil and fuel additives he used on it and things like that, to ensure that it would continue running in its best possible shape. He told me that I should exclusively use Mercury Optimax oil. I’ve followed his instructions and I’ve always gotten amazing performance from my boat.

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