Learning About Outboard Motors and 2 Cycle Oil

domo online blog 1 3-10-14When my sister was young, my father loved to try to teach her how to do different things. He always stuck to what he knew, because he didn’t want to give her the wrong information. Fishing was something he loved, so naturally he wanted her to love it as well. He’d wake her up early in the morning to take her fishing in his little boat.

When she was old enough, he taught her about the motor on his boat and how to keep it running smoothly. He taught her how to steer the boat with the motor and how to mix the 2 cycle oil with the gasoline in the correct ratio. Today, she doesn’t often go fishing and usually doesn’t work on boat motors, but at least she could if she needed to.

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Stocking Up on Two Cycle Oil

domo online blog 1 3-3-14It is almost a nice enough time of year that the weather actually makes me want to sit on a lake for a few hours and do some fishing. It’s always nice to go when the lake isn’t going to be frozen over or when my boat isn’t going to slowly fill with water from the pouring rain. I can’t wait to launch my tiny fishing boat and putter around on the lake near my house.

Before the season really kicks off, I’m going to stock up on two cycle oil. The local store that sells it is always raising the prices significantly right before the lake opens for the season. This year I am ahead of the game. I have already bought oil for the very first trip out for the season. I plan to buy some more before it gets too close to the season’s opening.

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Trying to Find 2 Cycle Oil

domo online blog 1 1-06-14My father uses two stroke oil for many of the machines that he uses around his house. He tries to purchase it online whenever he gets the chance, because he claims he can usually get a far better price there, than he might at a local hardware store. Sometimes, when he is deep in a lawn project or something similar, he runs out of oil at an important moment.

Once he sent me to get him some 2 cycle oil. I had a pretty hard time finding it. I didn’t know exactly what type of oil he was looking for. I went to a hardware store, but there were far too many types to choose from. At the hardware store, I had to choose from sport brands and ones that produced less smoke. I ended up buying something random, since I had no idea what my father wanted.

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Picking an Environmentally Friendly Two Cycle Oil

domo-online blog 3 12-20-13When my dad first bought his chainsaw, he spent the day messing with it to find out how it worked. He read parts of the instruction book to find out how to add gasoline and what to put in the engine. He discovered that two cycle oil had to be mixed with the gasoline so that the engine would continue to run. The first brand that he purchased was not very good.

My father didn’t like the way the chainsaw made a black cloud of exhaust whenever he ran it. He went online to find a better way of using it. He discovered that some two cycle oil is more environmentally friendly than others. Some are higher quality to reduce smoke and deposits that they leave in the engines.

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Two Cycle Outboard Oil Even in Winter

Domo-Online Pic 5 1292013It’s getting closer and closer to the holidays and if you live somewhere warm like I do, that just means that you might have a little bit more free time that can be spent outside for a few days. I do not envy anyone who’s got a white Christmas this year, because I’d much rather be able to spend time on the ocean in my boat with some of my friends and family.

When my children are on their Winter Break and I’ve got a few days off of work for Christmas, that’s always the best time for us to go on a boating excursion. I make sure that I’ve got all the two cycle outboard oil I need and then I load up on fishing gear and we find somewhere new and interesting to check out together. It’s really a great bonding experience.

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What 2 Cycle Oil is Made of

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith all the different types of oil on the market, they often start to all sound the same. Many owners simply follow the guidelines the manufacturer set up, and don’t think too far beyond it. However, there are some key differences between types of oil. For one thing, some are meant for two-stroke engines while others are optimal for four-stroke use.

The oil used in crankcase compression two-stroke engines, 2 cycle oil, is much different than what owners would use in a four-cycle engine. The oil-base stock is either petroleum, vegetable, semi-synthetic or synthetic oil and is mixed with petrol/gasoline at a ratio ranging from 16:1 to 100:1, unlike a four cycle which doesn’t need fuel added to the oil.

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The Right Mix for Two Cycle Oil

Four_stroke_cycle_compressionGetting the right gas to oil mixture ratio for a two stroke engine can make or break your engine — literally. Luckily, manufacturers have already come up with the right amount of each to best maintain and run an engine. Whether you have a golf cart, garden tool or motor skates, it’s important to find out which ratio will work the best for you.

For most tools, transportation and recreational motors, the ratio will be in the range of 20:1 to 100:1 gas to two cycle oil. For most motorcycles, you will need 32:1 but others require 40:1 and others use 50:1. This makes it incredibly important to check your model rather than making an assumption. Make sure to not add oil to the fuel for a 4 cycle engine.

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Get the Most out of Your Two Cycle Outboard

PU9D0379-01_copy2-1024x682If you have recently purchased a 2 cycle outboard, there are a few things you need to do in order to get the most out of your investment. With a few tips and tricks, you can get the most out of the engine by ensuring it lasts through the years at top performance. The first few hours of use will dictate how well the engine performs for many years.

While breaking in the new engine, it is recommended to limit and vary the rpms. The top two things you need to watch out for with a two-stroke outboard are ethanol and water. Ethanol is know to cause fuel system issues that can ruin your outing.  Ethanol is also responsible for causing water in your fuel.  It is important to treat your fuel every tank with a fuel treatment such as Yamalube RingFree Plus.

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Specs on Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil

dscf0081_1There are many types of two stroke oil that Yamalube offers customers, such as 2R, 2S and 2M. With all the different oil options, it can be confusing as to which one you should choose for the craft you own. Whether you own a WaveRunner, snowmobile, motorcycle, ATV, scooter or golf cart makes a huge difference when choosing the best oil for your motor.
Yamalube 2 cycle oil comes in a 2M option. This oil is designed for outboard boat motors. The blend includes a special additive to reduce wear and help against carbon buildup. Yamalube 2W is better used for watercraft. The blend is semi-synthetic which was designed to work against rust and corrosion. Since the two oils have these specific needs in mind, they are the best choice for each type of craft.

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Learning About 2 Cycle Oil and Boat Maintenance

hot-tub-tug-boat-1As a youth, I spent a lot of time on boats with my father and with my friends. I developed a genuine love for boating as time went on and I always imagined myself being able to get my boating license and take a boat out on a lake myself. Eventually, as I grew older, I was able to accomplish this goal, though I realized I didn’t know as much about boats as I would have liked to.

After I got my boating license, I started looking into boats more and learning more about them. I figured out which boats needed 2 cycle oil and how to mix it in with the fuel. I learned about the different parts that were in a boat and how they needed to be maintained. I want to eventually know enough about boats that I can do mechanical work on my own boat.

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Mercury 2 Cycle Oil Prevents You from Getting Stranded

piston2Whenever I go boating, I always try to make sure that my boat is in its best condition possible. There are a lot of reports where I live of boats breaking down and people getting stranded out on the ocean, which is something that I obviously would prefer to completely avoid. That’s why I always live by the mantra of always being as prepared as possible.

I’ve got plenty of Mercury 2 cycle oil that I use on my boat, as well as all of the other necessary products that are required for proper maintenance. These products can include fuel, fuel additives, cleaning supplies, replacement parts, and plenty of other things. I also have a satellite phone that I take with me in case I ever get stranded out on the ocean for whatever reason.

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Two Cycle Oil and Underwater Photography

Underwater-underwater-photography-32684062-1600-1200I’m very interested in underwater photography and taking photographs of the wildlife in nearby lakes, rivers, and oceans. I’ve invested a lot of time and effort in this hobby because taking pictures of sea life is something I’ve loved since I was young and I got my first waterproof disposable camera. Technology is much more advanced these days, of course.

What I usually do – when I’ve got free time and it’s a nice, clear day outside – is get my gear ready and my boat filled up with two cycle oil and go out to find a secluded place to dive and take photos. I’ve gotten some really interesting photos of certain animals that I’m really proud of, particularly one that I took of an eel poking its head out from the rocks.

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