Picking Two Cycle Outboard Oil that is Good For Your Outboard

domo online blog 3 10-20-14If you own a two cycle outboard motor, you know that there is a lot more oil that goes into operating this engine than goes into your car or truck. You have to put oil in each time that you fill up with gasoline so that the engine is able to stay properly lubricated all of the time. While many different types of oil are available, it is important to pick a good one for you outboard.

One great way to find out which oil is a good one for your outboard is to look at the owner’s manual for your outboard motor. This will usually recommend a type of two cycle outboard oil that works best for your outboard. Another good way to choose is to find two cycle oil that is made by the same manufacturer that made the outboard motor in the first place.

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High Quality 2 Cycle Oil Makes Boats Run More Smoothly

domo online blog 1 9-16-14Anyone who has walked into a marina store before knows that there are many different brands of oil to choose from. At first glance, it might seem that the only difference between the oil available is a slightly different packaging and a price point. When you run them in your engine, you will discover exactly why some of the oil costs more than other types of oil.

When you buy high quality 2 cycle oil for your boat, you are making an investment in keeping your boat running perfectly. Higher quality oil can make it so that there are fewer deposits left inside of your motor and that you are able to get more performance out of the motor. You can run cheaper oil, but you certainly won’t be seeing the same effects.

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Finding the Best Two Cycle Oil Available

domo online blog 4 9-08-14Anyone who owns a boat knows that there are lots of types of marine oil. When you walk into a marina store, there are rows of oil from many different brands. Many of these would work in your boat, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best type of oil to use in your boat. It is important that you know enough about your engine to choose the right oil.

Finding two cycle oil for your boat is a simple matter of learning what kind of oil works best in the boat. Some motors should use a synthetic blend of oil because this will make them run a lot cleaner. Using oils that run more efficiently and more cleanly can save you money in the long run because there won’t be a lot of carbon deposited inside of the engine that could cause trouble.

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Finding Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil to Meet Engine Requirements

domo online blog 5 8-25-14When it comes to buying oil, my father is obsessed with doing a lot of research so he is certain that his engines can handle the type of oil that he uses with them. He has engines in his cars, boats, and ATVs that use entirely different types of oil. There are certain brands that he trusts more than others, just because he knows the brand and has used it for a long time.

He always uses the same oil for his car as the oil that was first recommended to him by the car dealership. When it comes to his boats and his ATVs, he is careful to use Yamalube 2 cycle oil that can meet the requirements of these different engines. He always takes great care of all of the engines that he has by making sure to get them oil that he trusts.

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Why You Must Use Two Cycle Outboard Oil in an Outboard Engine

domo online blog 4 8-18-14When it comes to people who own boats, there seem to be two types of people. There are the people that work hard to ensure that their boat is taken care of in the best way possible and the people who cut corners so that they can save some money on regular boat maintenance. A lot of this corner cutting shows up when it comes to the oil people put in their boats.

If you have a two cycle outboard motor, then you need to make sure that you have the right two cycle outboard oil to mix with the fuel to lubricate the engine. Putting in other types of oil will result in high ash deposits within the engine which can cause it to break down.

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Using the Right Type of 2 Cycle Oil for a Boat

domo online blog 1 7-14-14Outboard motors on a boat are not the only kind of two cycle engines that are out there. Two cycle engines can be found in many power tools such as chainsaws and weed cutting tools. They can also be found in some snowmobiles, motorcycles, and tractors. This means that there are a lot of different two cycle engines that need to have oil that is perfect for their systems.

Not every type of oil that is 2 cycle oil is good for every application. There are a lot of different types of oil on the market that are especially made for different types of vehicles and tools. When you are looking for some oil to go in the two cycle outboard motor on your boat, you should look for oil that is designed for this application, rather than using something more nonspecific.

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Two Cycle Oil is Necessary to Properly Lubricate a Two Stroke Engine

domo online blog 4 7-07-14When it comes to engines, many of us are more accustomed to the engine of a car in which different fluids are all separated out and many systems run at the same time to keep an engine going smoothly. When it comes to operating smaller vehicles such as snowmobiles and small boats, a smaller and less complex engine is needed. This is where two stroke motors come into play.

Typically, the two cycle oil that is used in this engine is either mixed directly with the gasoline or put into a section of the engine which puts it into the gasoline in small amounts. There is not a separate lubrication system in these smaller engines, but it is still very important that oil is used. Without two stroke oil an outboard motor  can’t operate properly.

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My Father’s Temperamental Outboard Needs the Best Two Cycle Outboard Oil

domo online blog 4 6-16-14My father has always claimed that his backup outboard motor has a mind of its own. He claims this because the motor seems bent on not working properly at the exact times that my father needs it. Whenever he is about to take his boat out for the day, he tests the motor to see if it is going to work. When he does the test, the little motor always runs like a champ.

When he actually needs it later, it is a pain to start. My father says that the motor rebels based on the quality of two cycle outboard oil that he uses. When he uses high quality oil, it runs perfectly. When he uses a cheaper generic, the outboard motor refuses to start. The two might not actually be correlated, but my father is willing to appease the motor if it means getting it to start more easily.

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Where Do You Use 2 Cycle Oil?

domo online blog 1 5-12-14Two stroke oil, which is also known as two cycle oil, can be used in countless applications. This type of oil is the oil that is designed for two stroke engines. Since these engines do not have any sort of system which cycles oil separately from the main function of the engine, this oil is mixed with gasoline in order to lubricate the engine.

It is not uncommon to have 2 cycle oil being used to power hedge trimmers and lawnmowers. My favorite place to use this type of oil is with my outboard engine on my boat. I love the way that having oil like this keeps my engine running well. I can race around a lake with my two stroke outboard motor, knowing that it is well lubricated.

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Getting Two Cycle Oil for a Trip Around the Lake

domo online blog 3 5-5-14My father suggested that it might be fun to go out on the lake yesterday afternoon. I was initially reluctant, because I had been working all day and going out on the lake for a couple of hours didn’t sound terribly appealing. However, I didn’t want to disappoint my father, so I agreed to go out on the lake and tool around for a few hours before dinner.

He hooked up the boat trailer and went to the gas station to fill up his gas tank for the trip. We ended up having to go get some two cycle oil as well, because it turned out that he had already used his last bottle. Finding some oil meant taking even more time before launching the boat. By the time we got the boat launched, it was getting to be evening time and the mosquitoes on the lake were terrible.

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Calculating the Proper Mix of Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil and Gasoline

domo online blog 4 4-21-14My father has a small two cycle engine that he uses as a back up to the main engine on his boat. When he first bought the engine, it didn’t come with its owners manual, so he was unsure of exactly how to use the engine. He knew that you had to mix oil and gasoline inside of the engine so that it would work properly, but wasn’t sure how much to mix.

He ended up asking a couple of his buddies that he often went fishing with how to mix the oil and fuel for his new motor. One of his friends gladly showed him how much Yamalube 2 cycle oil to mix with the gasoline that he had for the motor. They were able to come up with a ratio based on the type of motor he had and his friend’s prior experience with this type of motor.

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A Mix of Two Cycle Outboard Oil for a Day on the Bay

domo online blog 4 4-14-14Since the weather has stayed fairly nice all week, my father decided that yesterday would be a good time to take his boat out on the bay to see how it was running. He wanted to see whether the work he had done before winterization last year actually resolved any of the issues that he had been having with his boat.

He took his boat out on the water, making sure that he had a good mix of gasoline and two cycle outboard oil in his back up motor just in case something went wrong. That was a good plan, because only a little ways out, the engine died and wouldn’t start again. He ended up using the back up motor to get back to the boat launch.

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