What is TC-W3 Certification?

Yesterday I suggested using TC-W3 certified oil, and you may be asking yourself what sets these oils apart. All outboard motor oils have certain specifications which you can use to gauge their effectiveness i.e. lubricity, viscosity and fluidity. And for most people, comparing the flash points of different oils isn’t too appealing, so it’s nice if you can someone else provide the comparative analysis for you. 

Each of the outboard motor oils inspected by the NMMA goes through independent testing to determine how it holds up in a range of conditions. After testing the oils on several engines from varying manufacturers, the NMMA takes the data and sees if the oil meets the minimum requirements for certification. As I said yesterday, TC-W3 is the gold standard in the industry; the only real difference between certified oils, such as Evinrude XD100 oil and Yamalube, is the additives the manufacturer uses.

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