Specs on Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil

dscf0081_1There are many types of two stroke oil that Yamalube offers customers, such as 2R, 2S and 2M. With all the different oil options, it can be confusing as to which one you should choose for the craft you own. Whether you own a WaveRunner, snowmobile, motorcycle, ATV, scooter or golf cart makes a huge difference when choosing the best oil for your motor.
Yamalube 2 cycle oil comes in a 2M option. This oil is designed for outboard boat motors. The blend includes a special additive to reduce wear and help against carbon buildup. Yamalube 2W is better used for watercraft. The blend is semi-synthetic which was designed to work against rust and corrosion. Since the two oils have these specific needs in mind, they are the best choice for each type of craft.

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Snowmobile Oil for a Winter Lover

symNivopage77_7I loathe hot weather; I have always been the only one of my friends who complains his way all the way through the summer. I get sunburned too easily, I sweat a lot, and I just get overheated very quickly. Even as a kid who would get time off from school, I tended to dread summer vacation because I knew all of my friends would want to spend time out in the blistering heat.

Winter has always been more my style and there’s so many things I love to do in the winter. I love skiing and snowboarding and I’m always stocking up on snowmobile oil so that I can go snowmobiling at the first sign of snow. Cold weather is something I’m much more accustomed to because I enjoy wearing layers and trudging around in the snow.

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2 Cycle Oil in a Better Boat

PM703102AI always feel like when my younger brother makes purchases, he’s trying to catch up with the things that I have just purchased. I’ll purchase a new car, then he’ll purchase a new car. I move into a new place, then he moves into a new place. I think some of these instances have been coincidences, but it’s still something that seems to happen a whole lot.

Most recently, this happened with a boat; I purchased a boat, and then he went out and purchased a boat. While sometimes it’s been a coincidence, I’m pretty sure that this one wasn’t. He always tries to compete with me, so he’s sure to bring up things about his boat whenever he can. My boat uses 2 cycle oil quite efficiently though, much better than his, so I have that advantage.

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Mercury 2 Cycle Oil In A New Boat

boat2When my son was young, I used to take him out on a rusty old boat that my father had passed down to me and we would go fishing in the river behind our house. We usually didn’t catch a whole lot, but it was a nice way to teach my son to be a sportsman and for us to bond together over a fun activity, one he would remember all of his life.

Now that he’s a full-grown man, it’s clear that our experiences boating together have influenced his hobbies as an adult. He’s got his own boat now and it’s a boat that’s much nicer than the rusty old one I used to take him out on. For his birthday, I got him some Mercury 2 cycle oil, so that he’ll be able to take care of that brand new boat.

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Taking Chances Without Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil

dogbaotMy friend likes to do everything by the book and doesn’t usually stray from the given instructions. That’s fine if you want to live a boring life but I prefer to take some chances. I like to ignore the GPS sometimes and find my own directions to my destination. I go to restaurants I’ve never been to and try their food to see if it’s any good. I also like to take the trail less traveled whenever I go hiking. Sometimes you find that there is more out there if you decide to venture out and trust your own instincts.

My friend recently found out that I don’t use the recommended Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil for my outboard engine. I told him that I use another brand that was a little bit cheaper in price but is essentially the same product. He argued that the manufacturer puts certain synthetics in the Yamalube oil that is custom made for the outboard engine. My engine was running fine ever since I made the switch but my friend still wasn’t convinced. He told me that I spent a lot on my engine therefore I should take care of it by using the right products for it. I haven’t decided to take his advice yet. I’m just waiting and seeing if anything will go wrong with my engine.

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Buying in Bulk

I absolutely hate shopping and I always have. I’ve just always seen it as a huge burden. Ever since the advent of online shopping, I’ve loved that I can at least do shopping at home but I still feel like I’m using up all of my precious free time when I have to shop for anything, especially if it’s something I can’t find online.

These days, when I’ve decided to buy something, I prefer to buy a lot of it all at once (if it’s something that doesn’t really expire, of course) so that I don’t have to go through the process of buying more of it later. For instance, when I decided to get a new boat, I bought enough Yamalube 2 cycle oil that I wouldn’t have to buy any again for years.

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Be Prepared

I prefer to buy things in bulk as opposed to buying products individually. I’ve always been a big fan of places like Costco where I can buy massive amounts of the products I need for decent wholesale prices. I do this with food – preferably with the kind of food that doesn’t expire too quickly – and I do this with many other different kinds of products that I use regularly.

For instance, I do this with products that I use to maintain my car and my boat, mostly because I believe it’s better to already be prepared for a problem or an oil change or something like that than it is to not be prepared at all. If you’ve got enough bottles of two cycle oil, you don’t have to go out too often and find more of it, as long as you keep the oil in a safe place.

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Different Interests

My girlfriend is different from most girls. She grew up as the youngest child with five older brothers and her interests have been heavily influenced by her dad and her brothers. She’s really interested in cars and boats, for instance. She even has her own boat, which is rare for a girl in her twenties who still lives in an apartment.

Even gift-giving with her is a little strange, certainly different than what it’s been like for my previous girlfriends. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and all she could think of was a bottle of Mercury 2 cycle oil. She uses it for her boat. It’s a very different experience just because she’s interested in such different things than anyone else I’ve dated before.

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Dad’s Birthday Present to Himself

I was trying to figure out what to get my dad for his birthday. I knew he was already planning on purchasing his own massive birthday present – since my mom finally approved it financially – and it seemed to me like there wasn’t going to be much else he would want. He was buying himself a boat.

I figured that he’d probably need some things to maintain his new toy. Knowing my dad, he’d be way too focused in picking out the actual boat than thinking about all the accessories and things he’d need to maintain it. I bought him a bottle or two of 2 cycle oil because I knew he’d need it for the new boat he had treated himself to.

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A Boat for a Decade

I purchased my boat in 2001 after my kids first left for college; I figured that once the kids were out of the house, it was finally time for me to get something for my own relaxation and a boat was exactly the way to do it. I’ve taken that boat to pretty much every lake in Washington.

Using Yamalube 2 cycle oil on my boat has kept it in tip-top shape for over a decade; I’ve had no problems with it – other than the expected maintenance from having a boat for more than ten years – whatsoever! I plan on continuing to use it for as long as I live in an area that supports boating.

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Smallmouth Fish in the Umpqua

One of the best places to catch smallmouth fish is in the Umpqua River located in Oregon. You might not consistently find the biggest fish there, but hundreds are caught by fishermen every single day! Bass and river herrings are the most common fish found in the Umpqua River, so if you have any desire to catch either of these, you’re definitely headed to the right place.

While you’re cruising around in your boat down the Umpqua River, you’ll be amazed at the beautiful scenery of the Hundred Valleys of the Umpqua, one of the best sights that the Pacific coast of Oregon has to offer. If you’ve got a bottle of Mercury 2 Cycle Oil, you’ll likely be more than one step ahead of the other boaters and fishermen that you’ll encounter during your time on the river. In no time, you’ll have more smallmouth fish than you can carry, with just a little bit of effort and a boat running as smoothly as possible.

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Heavy Weight Oil

“Popular Mechanics” is a publication I often peruse online and in print. I recently came across an article that asked the question, “Is there really any benefit or downside to using heavier-weight oils in summer months and lighter-weight oils in winter?” This is an old wives tale, so to speak, that refers to car maintenance.

Before recent improvements to motor oil, there was only one viscosity. Oil would thin out in the summer heat, so it was necessary to use heavier weighted oils. Nowadays we have multi-viscosity oils, so there isn’t a need to use weighted oils with the changing seasons. The same technology is used in outboard motor oil, like my preference, Yamalube 2 cycle oil.

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