Boating Safety: Part Two

Although a body of water won’t have designated lanes like a highway, there are still laws in place that dictate the proper flow of traffic for boaters. Just as when driving an automobile— in the United States at least— boaters should stay to the right and, generally, work in a counterclockwise motion around a lake or large body of water. This one rule will greatly reduce your risk on the water, but be alert, as other boaters may not be aware of this requirement.

When pulling a skier, wakeboarder or even an innertuber, it is crucial to stay attentive and constantly survey your surroundings. Always have an extra person on board to keep an eye on the person being pulled in case they go down. Keep a safety flag stowed away with your reserve fuel, Evinrude XD 100 oil and other gear; this is used to alert other boaters when there is a person in the water.

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