Boating Safety: Part One

Before being issued a driver’s license, every teen undergoes comprehensive classroom training and is required to spend hours behind the wheel. And while boats are just as dangerous as cars—if not more so—many states have lenient laws for boating licenses, or don’t require them at all. When you are on the water, it is crucial to constantly be aware of other boaters and ensure you are doing your utmost to stay out of harm’s way.

Many boat owners can change their outboard motor oil and launch their boat with ease but are unaware of the basic rules and principles of proper boating. Knowing basics such as who has the right away and what emergency equipment to have on board can help you avoid catastrophe on the water. Over the next few days we will be covering some of the main points of safety on the water, touching on specific subjects as well, including driving while pulling skiers and wakeboarders.

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